Why Rafa Benitez’ Future Remains Uncertain At Newcastle

When Rafael Benítez accepted the challenge at Newcastle United on March 11th,  it looked like it would be a new era for Newcastle,  but now with Newcastle all but certain to be relegated to the Championship, nothing is certain yonce again at the Tyneside club.

Rafa has been non-committal on what happens at the end of the season if Newcastle are relegated and most pundits think he will simply walk away for pastures anew from Newcastle, should that happen.

That will leave both Geordie fans and players demoralized, because even though he may have failed to save us – he will be a very hard act to follow on Tyneside by someone else coming in.

rafa benitez villa

Rafa Benitez on Saturday at Villa Park

This is what Rafa had to say after the 0-0 draw on Saturday at Villa Park:

“I accepted this challenge and for me it was an opportunity to come back to the Premier League and try to show to everyone that we could do well.”

“I had the confidence in the potential of the club and the players and we were fighting until today, it could be different.”

“If Jack Colback had scored or Aleksandar Mitrovic had scored, we would be talking about we have a chance.”

“Now we have to believe that Everton will do a good game and get the result. The only thing we can do is be sure that if we have our opportunity against Tottenham we have to be ready.”

It does seem difficult for Rafa to manage in the Championship after starting last season as the manager of the world’s most famous football club – Real Madrid.

What really worries us is if Rafa does leave soon, Newcastle will have no leadership at the club – and like the last time we were relegated there will be a complete vacuum of leadership and required action on Tyneside.

The last time we were relegated nothing happened for a full six weeks and no manager was even appointed after Alan Shearer’s short contract expired.

Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley offer weak leadership at best – and it’s worrying what could happen if Lee Charnley keeps his job and heaven forbid – be allowed to select the next head coach.

It’s anybody’s guess who he could come up with this time.

His selection of the just-sacked Steve McClaren from Derby County last June was the major mistake that had Newcastle in the bottom four all season long and now very likely relegated.

Somebody (Fans Forum?) should ask Lee Charnley why he thought Steve McClaren was the “perfect coach” (his words) for Newcastle United.

Maybe that’s an indication of his level of football knowledge and understanding?

This disaster was all self-inflicted and unnecessary this season.

That’s the truth and one reason it’s so tragic.

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