Benitez’ Parting Words – We’ve Been Unlucky During My Time Here

Newcastle effectively lost their battle with relegation and will very likely become a Championship club again, as those running the club have outdone themselves this season with the sheer incompetence they have shown.

For the first time in Premier League history Newcastle have struggled with relegation from the first day of the season and when decisive action was necessary before Christmas, nothing was done.

In fact, Steve McClaren was left in the job so long losing games that it became impossible for even a coach of Rafa Benitez’ ability to save the club.

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Rafa Benitez – we have been unlucky

Lead executive Lee Charnley followed his modus operandi and did nothing for as long as possible, until Mike Ashley stepped in far too late told him to sack the woeful Steve McClaren and get Rafa Benitez in.

Lee even messed that up with that by having to apologize to Steve McClaren for the way he was left hanging during th Benitez negotiations and had totally embarrassed the former England manager.

That’s probably because it was the first time Lee has ever sacked anybody – he appears to have no management skills, training or experience whatsoever.

Now we face the real possibility that Rafa has seen enough of Newcastle – and now knows how deep the mess is at the club – much deeper than he had first realized.

After managing Real Madrid at the start of the season he is unlikely to want to manage in England’s second division next season.

And who can blame him?

It seems that Rafa will say we were just unlucky while he was at Newcastle – it just didn’t work out.

This is what he said after the game on Saturday – a woeful 0-0 draw against the worst team in the division and the first time Aston Villa got a point in 12 games:

“I don’t think it is fair to say what might have happened if I had come at a different time.”  “We just have to be ready for what is still to play.”

“You don’t always finish where you deserve to be,” “Sometimes, you are unlucky, and I think that has been the case with us during my time here. We have been unlucky.”

If Rafa was able to save us, he would likely have stayed and rebuilt Newcastle, but the signs are it would only be if he could save the club from the drop.

It looks like he hasn’t been able to do that and will not stick around at a club  he now knows is in an almighty mess.

The sleeping giant is actually comatose.

Maybe fans should make a last-ditch attempt to beg Rafa to stay at Newcastle and rebuild us from England’s second division – that’s our only hope – but in reality it’s a very slim one.

We’re screwed – again!

There’s a lot to do this summer, but we just don’t have the decisive leaders at the club who can do the work.

That’s very scary.