Heads Should Roll In The Summer – But Don’t Bank On It

There is no leadership at Newcastle with people like Lee Charnley so out of their depth it’s embarrassing to see just how incompetent the man is in his job.

We have been promised a complete review of the season by Mike Ashley – whose nine years at the club have seen Newcastle continue to fall from grace – but we wonder when his review will be completed and those responsible for Newcastle’s latest demise will be held accountable?

If 2009 – the last time we were relegated –  is any guide Ashley may complete that review before the season starts in the Championship in early August.

People running Newcastle can never be accused of having initiative or being decisive.

lee charnley and mike ashley

The “leaders” at Newcastle

Heads need to roll soon, but something tells us that will not happen and maybe even Lee Charnley will be retained.

If that happens we may need to check which teams are in the English third division.

Mike Ashley is said to be loyal to those who work for him, but he may be making the cardinal management mistake of putting loyalty above ability and talent of his people.

Certainly his record at Newcastle suggests that – it’s been simply pathetic and sad was the day he bought Newcastle United.

Premier SeasonPositionNumber of Points
2008-20091834 - relegated

# Championship
* After 37 games

Our only hope is Rafa Benitez, but the signs are that the 56 year-old doesn’t want to stay at Newcastle – he may have seen the light – the club is rotten and in a complete mess from top to bottom.

Mike Ashley is responsible for that, plus the incompetent people he keeps appointing to lead the club like Lee Charnley and Joe Kinnear and others we wont even mention – like Dennis Wise.

Head coaches like John Carver and Steve McClaren are lower level Championship managers at best – so how did they ever end up managing Newcastle?

And once again the Newcastle fans have been completely screwed – they are the ones who have to deal with the pain, suffering and disappointment and yes – the shame of relegation for a great club.

It will be another long summer (we’ll not say hot since it’s Newcastle)  after the club is again the laughing stock of England.

Things will be at a very low ebb for Geordie fans this summer – the lowest for a long time.

That’s after we will miss out on  a payment next May of between £100M and £180M because of sheer incompetence by those running Newcastle.

Newcastle would have probably got around £140M if we had finished in mid-table in the PL next season – about double what we will get this month.

Clubs like Burnley, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Watford, Crystal Palace, and Bournemouth – all second division  clubs and worse a few short years ago are now richer than we are and in the Premier League.

It’s simply shameful and almost criminal the way the Newcastle club has been destroyed.