Shearer Slams Complacent Newcastle – Relegation Will Be Devastating

In his column in The Sun today Alan Shearer has lambasted the incompetents running Newcastle and points out they don’t seem to learn from their past mistakes.

Seven years ago when we were in danger of relegation they waited until eight games to go before Alan was brought in, but he couldn’t save us.

Now they left the incompetent and woeful Steve McClaren in place for eight months while we were in the bottom four before they brought in Rafa Benitez for the last 10 games but that looks like that will also be too late.

steve mcclaren - cheslea had just equalized

Steve McClaren – while at Newcastle

Of course it’s the fans again who have to take the pain of having their famous club relegated once again – it’s so very very painful and depressing and those running Newcastle have again made us a laughing stock.

This is some of what Alan written today in The Sun:

“Relegation will be devastating for the club, the city and the fantastic fans, especially with all the big money coming in next year.”

“It looks highly unlikely that Newcastle will survive now.” “And the club will only have themselves to blame.”

“For they have made exactly the same mistake as seven years ago by not giving the new man enough time.”

“In 2009, I was made manager with just eight games to go. I knew straight away it was not long enough.”

“There is simply no excuse for the club’s complacency.” Newcastle were crying out for a change. Everyone was shouting and screaming for it. It was obvious.”

“But they waited far too long.” “Rafa has come in and done all he can.” “He has made a difference, there is no doubt about it, but he is not a miracle man.”

“Because when you make a change, it is not just about coaching.” A new manager needs time to try and build up confidence, try to suss his players out, who he can trust and who he can’t, try out different systems.”

“It took Rafa four of his ten games to work his team out.” And if it takes a world-class manager like him that long, surely that proves they had to bring someone in earlier.”

In simple terms this relegation has been self-inflicted.