Shearer – The Saddest Thing Is This About Rafa

It seems like keeping Rafa at Newcastle if we are relegated is a (Tyne) bridge too far – and Alan Shearer in his column in The Sun today thinks it’s a really long shot at best for Newcastle to be able to retain Rafa Benitez.

Alan rightly points out the world-class manager will have offers from far and wide for his services this summer.

We had a shot at keeping Benitez on Tyneside, but only if we could survive in the Premier league which now looks like it will not happen.

alan shearer close up 2012

Alan Shearer – Newcastle will lose Rafa

This is what Alan has said about Rafa in his column today.

“If they are relegated, you can’t attach any blame to Rafa.” “But the saddest thing now is that the club will probably lose him.”

“I will be absolutely amazed if the former manager of Real Madrid, the former manager of Liverpool who won the Champions League, were to be at Newcastle in the Championship and managing at places like Rotherham.”

“I hope I am wrong. I would love him to stay.”

“But I am sure he will have offers left, right and center from clubs in the Premier League and all around Europe.”

One of the devastating effects for both fans and players alike is Rafa leaving the club – he will be hard to replace and whoever comes in will not be as good – and the players and fans will know that.

The former Liverpool manager has said he wants to manage somewhere close to his home in The Wirral, but managing in the second division will be too much of a comedown for the man.

We will have to wait to see if a prominent Premier League club – apart from Everton who he will not join because of his Liverpool connections – comes in for his services this summer.

That’s what he would like to do – manage again in the Premier League.

It’s a pity that will not be Newcastle next season – and yes – that’s a huge understatement.

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