Newcastle’s Bold New Blueprint Leaked In Case Of Relegation

We have come across Newcastle’s blueprint in case the club are relegated to the Championship for a second time in seven years.

As we had expected and has already been rumored in the press,  it’s a bold new plan to get Newcastle straight back up into the Premier League next May and then go after winning the Premier League followed by the Champions League within a short three years.

lee charnley and mike ashley

No wonder they are smiling – with the bold new blueprint for success

This is what it says:

  • Retain Rafa Benitez at all costs – ask him what he wants and within reason give it to him – offer him and his coaches a 10 year deal to build Newcastle – offer Rafa 10M a year.
  • If Rafa refuses and Jose Mourinho is still available get him in – offer him £10M a year for 10 years to utterly transform Newcastle United.
  • Short term target – to get promoted back to Championship with a record number of points next season – tie up promotion by next February 28th.
  • Use January transfer window to get top players in for Premier League assault the following season.
  • Allow Rafa (or Jose) in the summer to select the players he wants to keep in the squad and sell the rest – give any transfer money to Rafa to bring in his own players.
  • Major goals for summer – significantly strengthen the defense and get in two proven and prolific goalscorers.
  • 14 players already identified to leave the club this summer.
  • Keep all non-playing staff at the club – no layoffs – if necessary the owner has pledged to pay wages of all staff from his own pocket for next season – as a way of atoning for this unnecessary relegation.
  • Longer term goals for Newcastle will be set more specifically next summer, but initial plans are to win the Premier League the first season back the seaosn after next.
  • The overall medium term goal is to win the Champions League – target season for that is 2018-2019.

We also understand that Rafa Benitez feels fairly confident he can get promotion, win the Premier League and win the Champions League is a very short three years.

Well you are right – you guessed it – you saw through it – that’s not the real blueprint – I must be dreaming again.

What a pity!

But we really weren’t kidding – we were in fact given the Newcastle blueprint if we are relegated – it’s just not the one above.

The real one  contains the following long list of urgent and decisive actions that Lee Charnley will immediately undertake starting on Monday of next week: