Keegan Blasts Ashley – He’s Had Lots Of Years Making Lots Of Mistakes

Kevin Keegan walked out on Mike Ashley in September 2008, when then Director of Football Dennis Wise had been allowed to bring in two new players that Kevin knew nothing about it.

It was really the start of managers at Newcastle under owner Mike Ashley not being in charge of which players would come in and in that season we ended up relegated with 34 points..

Kevin sued the Newcastle club and was later awarded damages of £2M plus interest in October of 2009, after an independent arbitration panel found that he had been constructively dismissed by Newcastle.


Kevin Keegan today

Newcastle are close to relegation again and by coincidence we have 34 points with one game remaining.

We could be relegated today if Sunderland beat Everton at home.

This is what Kevin has told BBC Sport today:

“The owner has had quite a lot of years of making a lot of mistakes.” “They are going to have to go down and regroup.”   “That’s not going to be easy.”

“You have to look at Mike Ashley and say he hasn’t handled the decision-making very well or he’s given the responsibility to people and they haven’t handled it very well.”

“You make mistakes in football and you get punished, especially the Premier League now.” “They are where they are and I think they will go down but they’ll bounce back.”

“It is mismanagement from the very top.”  “They bought players for the future but sometimes maybe you have to buy players for the present.”

“It’s all right having a few good young players from France, but can they play in the Premier League now?”

“If they can’t – don’t buy them or certainly don’t play them. A few of them have found it very tough and the confidence goes – and then even good players start to look pretty poor.”

Relegation is out of our hands now and we are simply hoping Sunderland mess up in their final two games.

Maybe the best chance we would have is if Sunderland somehow lose to Everton tonight – and then if Newcastle can win on Sunday against Spurs at home then Sunderland would have to win at Watford to stay up.

In that situation a Sunderland draw would see them relegated.

It’s a very small chance now for Newcastle to survive – but we only have ourselves to blame – so we cannot complain too much.

As Kevin says there have been far too many mistakes made and they keep making them – that’s why history is repeating itself.

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