Warning For Newcastle – Club Could Be Down For Years

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– It’s something only Managing Director Lee Charnley can answer, but why was Steve McClaren ever appointed head coach only days after Championship club Derby County had dispensed of his services last summer.

And it gets worse than that because Lee said Steve was the perfect head coach for Newcastle – and that’s probably an indication of the level of football knowledge Lee has – not very much.

faustino asprilla

Tino Asprilla – in Toon at the moment

This is what Kevin Keegan famously said in December last year about the Managing Director:

“If you asked Lee Charnley to write what he knows about football on a postage stamp he wouldn’t fill it”

Steve McClaren was a complete and utter disaster for Newcastle and it was the hesitancy of Charnley to fire somebody he had hired, that basically has doomed the club to relegation.

24 points from 28 games is the worst performance in  the Premier League ever – that’s the record McClaren had when he was finally fired – and the team had got very used to losing games – in all kinds of different ways.

Here’s Steve McClaren’s league record at Newcastle.

Premier LeaguePlayedWonDrawnLostGFGAGDPoints

Tino Asprilla is back in Toon and he has been interviewed in the Chronicle today and he’s not a fan of Steve McClaren:

“Newcastle United have been very poor this season, and for me the problems started with the owner with his failure to invest in consecutive transfer windows, then the board who appointed Steve McClaren.”

“He was never going to be able to handle such a big club.” “The board were also to blame for wasting the money that Mike Ashley gave them.”

“Players such as Mitrovic and Thauvin have just not been good enough.” “Leicester City’s team who have won the title cost as much as those two players.”

“It is a joke.” “If we drop down, which looks inevitable, then it is the wonderful fans who suffer.” “They deserve to win the league and the cups and be in the Champions League.”

“I have just been to Parma to celebrate their success.” “I came to Newcastle and have had to console my good friends.” “It is not right.”

“If we go down will we come back up? “It depends on if Rafa stays, and that is a big if.” “If he leaves the club will suffer.”  

“I don’t think we have the players to get us out of the Championship although I hope I’m wrong.”

“But unless things change at the top and on the pitch, then my old club will be down for a few years.”

Owner Mike Ashley needs to carry out the review of the season he has promised, then hold those accountable who have been responsible for this relegation.

In short – those are Newcastle Board members Lee Charnley, Graham Carr and to a lesser extent Bob Moncur – since they  have run the club, appointed the head coach and been responsible for the transfers.

The review also has to be done quickly so the any new Board is in place this summer – hopefully with Rafa Benitez as the new manager with extensive control at the club.

Rafa will provide the brains, football knowledge and experience at the club and he must be allowed to build the club and his own team the way he wants to.

There has to be no interference from those who don’t know what they are talking about – those are the ones who have run the club this season and got us into a fine mess – again.

If Rafa is the manager next season, we are confident he can get us straight back up next season, but if Rafa leaves, then as Tino rightly points out – Newcastle could be in big trouble.

What do you think?

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