Benetiz Is Crucial To Newcastle’s Future – But He Could Leave

After the complete nonsense we have had to put up with over the last couple of years since the incompetent Lee Charnley has been the lead executive at the club and has no idea what he is doing – the arrival of Rafa Benitez on Tyneside a couple of months ago was like a breath of fresh air.

Here is a man who is a world-class manager and it’s obvious he is when you hear him talk to the press.

He’s down to earth, talks about real stuff and no wonder he is admired throughout the football world – and still adored by the Liverpool fans for what he did for that great club.

There’s no two steps forward three steps back nonsense coming from this man.


Rafa Benitez – this man’s so crucial to Newcastle’s future

Newcastle have too many weak-willed people in the organization.

It starts with the players and we have too many of them who were unwilling to put themselves out and fight for the shirt when the going got tough this season.

There has to be a massive clear-out of the players and there will be.

Newcastle also obviously need new leadership at the executive level as Lee Charnley and the Board of Graham Carr and Bob Moncur have taken this club down.

It would be great if Mike Ashley would terminate the pain he has put Newcastle fans through for nine years and sell the club.

But we all know that’s unlikely to happen, with us now being a second tier club – he would lose too much money – which is the only thing Mike thinks about.

Well that and the free advertising he gets at St. James’ Park.

The major position that needs to be filled is the management position.

There has been news – maybe just rumors – that Rafa is willing to stay on at Newcastle even if we were relegated, but that is by no means certain.

Rafa will see clearly the Newcastle fans are simply furious with what has happened, not only this season but last season was bad enough.

We need some strong-willed people running Newcastle and Rafa is certainly that – he’s a single-minded, ambitious, a workaholic and seems absolutely perfect for the job – especially at this time.

It’s the worst state the cub has been in since I started the blog nine years ago for those like myself who are Geordies around the world away from home base.

The former Liverpool manager would be perfect at this terrible and tragic time to basically take the club over.

He should be given total control of everything he wants total control of – and whoever the lead executive is – they should follow Rafa’s recommendations.

And don’t interfere!

If Rafa thinks the training grounds at Benton are not good enough and the new upgraded plan need to be implemented – the club should start on that project immediately.

I’d love Rafa to take over, but in my heart of hearts I wonder if the 56 year-old wants to take on such a huge project, when he must know that he will be surrounded by people who have little idea what they are doing?

Rafa is no fool.

If Rafa walks away from Newcastle United the club will be in a very serious situation – more serious than those running the club will even realize.

That’s the dire situation the Board and Mike Ashley have got this club into.

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