Charnley’s Ridiculous Statement Typical Of Tone Deaf Newcastle

Lee Charnley – one of the four men who are responsible for this debacle of Newcastle being relegated for the second time in seven years – has issued a statement.

It just about shows the fans how tone-deaf those leading the club are – but rest assured Lee says he will get to the bottom of what went wrong this season.

OK – right – what a laugh – coming from one of the main instigators of this most recent disasters.


Lee Charnley – incompetent and inept and dithering

Here’s the statement issued by the incompetent one.

“Tonight we are devastated at our relegation from the Premier League, as I know every single person connected to this football club will be.”

“I want to thank all of the fans for the support you have shown for the Club you love throughout the season, in spite of this massive disappointment and underachievement.”

“Your support throughout has been magnificent, but I want to pay particular thanks for the incredible backing you have given to Rafa and the team during the latter part of the season.”

“Nothing more could be asked of you and I am truly sorry we have not given you the outcome you deserve.”

“I also want to thank every single member of staff here. This Club is their livelihood, but they are fans too. To go through the threat of relegation last season and then to suffer a worse fate this time around has been very hard for them.”

“I know that each and every one of them has done whatever they could to help us out of the situation we now find ourselves in.”

“We know that supporters want to know what the future holds and will want to hear more from us as soon as possible. The process of scrutinizing what went wrong and planning for what is to come has already begun.”

“Right now, of course, Rafa and the team must prepare for the final game of the season but after that, please rest assured we will communicate more fully with supporters.”

It’s the same old nonsense from Lee Charnley.

Because of the relegation  some of the staff at Newcastle – the non-playing staff – will need to be laid off to cut costs.

What a tragedy for those who had nothing to do with the woeful leadership at the top, that was the major cause of this latest tragedy at Newcastle.

It’s very clear what went wrong – the Board led by Lee Charnley along with the owner Mike Ashley have let the fans down once again by their inept decisions (or should be say their lack of decisiveness) and complete incompetence.

They hired the very mediocre Steve McClaren after he was fired by Derby County to be in charge for far too long.

It’s not like relegation just came up on us, since we have been in the bottom four all season long and we could even finish second bottom below Norwich City now with Norwich beating Watford 4-2 last night.

Having those responsible for this disastrous season conduct the inquest of this disastrous season never works – they should already know that from their management training and experience.

But they are so inexperienced they probably don’t know that those who got us into trouble cannot get us out of it.

I have never seen such incompetent management of an organization as bad as the last two seasons at Newcastle United in my total career.

It’s a lot worse than incompetent.

This statement shows that Lee Chanrley is completely out of touch – but we already knew that.