Initiative Shown By Fans Forum At A Critical Time

It’s good the Fans Forum is doing everything they can to ensure that Rafa Benitez stays at Newcastle – if he stays then Newcastle fans will have real hope for the future.

We have none at the moment.

The group got involved during the initial Rafa discussions with Lee Charnley in early March and Lee pulled that one off.

Charnley now needs to ensure he gets Rafa to commit to the club for next season – and gets any help he needs to do that from owner Mike Ashley.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – get the job done – get Rafa

As Louis Taylor has aptly described in the Guardian today, Rafa staying at Newcastle will help anesthetize the severe pain of relegation the fans have felt since last night.

This is the Statement from the Newcastle United Fans Forum:

We are completely devastated to lose our position in the Premier League.

Our fans have many concerns. Whilst the fans generally expected this fate, it was quite apparent that the club failed us miserably in the time that it took to make a decision to terminate Steve McClaren’s employment and bring in Rafa Benitez.

Now is not the time to discuss these failures. We will do that at our final meeting of the season.

However, the reason for this statement is to make it perfectly clear that we want every possible resource thrown at an attempt to retain the services of our current Manager.

Rafa Benitez has demonstrated his ability to connect with the fans. The fans of this club deserve the respect of the board and current owners of Newcastle United. This group of fans can make a huge difference to the club and have demonstrated this on several occasions.

Ad a Message to Rafa Benitez:

Whilst we fully accept that the short-term prospect of life in The Championship may not be as appealing as other offers that you may be presented with, we can certainly promise you that the potential rewards of the longer term would exceed any position that you consider.

And finally a Message to the owner:

Whilst we accept that to retain the services of Rafa will come ‘at a price’, we urge you to look ahead to the longer term benefit of Newcastle United.

Installing Rafa as manager will have shown you the ‘lift’ that it gave to our club, albeit maybe too late.

It is imperative that you act swiftly. We need actions not words – a PR ‘feel good’ statement is not want the fans want to see.

We need you to demonstrate your business acumen and your intent to ‘not let this one slip away’.

Comments welcome.

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