Mick Quinn On The Clowns That Run The Club

It seems that the statement issued by Lee Charnley would have been his timely resignation from Newcastle United – after a disastrous two years in charge when the club has become a compete and utter mess under his complete lack of leadership.

He has had no management experience whatsoever – that’s plain to see and he couldn’t even sack Steve McClaren without it becoming a huge issue and more  bad headlines for Newcastle United.

Sadly it wasn’t his resignation – it was more nonsense from the Managing Director who doesn’t seem to have a clue what’s going on inside or outside the club.

You have to admit that Mick Quinn  on his Twitter account is pretty accurate that some of those running the club are like clowns.

It’s just they are not funny – well not to Newcastle fans anyway.

mick quinn

Mick Quinn – the clowns that run the club