The Human Toll Of Relegation Nobody Wants To Mention

Those highly paid Newcastle players who couldn’t bother to fight for the shirt when the going got tough will be the first ones out of the door this summer.

It would be crass of me to name some of them –  like Gini Wijnaldum (the invisible Man) and  Moussa Sissoko as two prime examples – so I wont.

But relegation has really dire consequences on a  human level and some of the staff at Newcastle United will have to be laid off to cut the costs of running the club with the much lower revenues next season.

lee charnley and mike ashley

The two lead incompetent ones running the club

And only Newcastle could manage a relegation when a massive new Premier League TV rights deal is kicking in this summer.

That will give clubs anywhere from £100M to £180M every May starting next year.

Only Newcastle could manage that timing.

We will have to cut costs and a massive clear-out is needed of the many weak-willed players we have at the club,  who have been earning their money on false pretenses for too long.

It would be good if the future manager is unveiled quickly.

But that would mean Lee Charnley would have to make some quick decisions and not dither around – so we know that will not be happening any time soon.

The overpaid players at Newcastle should be ashamed of themselves for the mess they have caused at the club – they know who they are.

But they wont be and they will be telling their agents today – get me out of here as quickly as possible.

And Mike Ashley for once should show some leadership and immediately fire Lee Charnley and Graham Carr, who have been the main two who have caused this latest debacle at Newcastle United Football Club.

But Mike will not do that either.

In other words the dithering will continue at Newcastle even after we have been relegated and after spending (wasting) £82M on new players.

We need to get some of that wasted money back this summer by selling some of our players – those that think they are good.

Newcastle United Football Club now seems to be rotten from the top to the bottom.

Shame on those who have done this to a great club.

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