Why We Think Rafa Benitez Is Leaving Newcastle

If Rafa Benitez does leave Newcastle this summer,  probably next week, then Newcastle are basically dead and buried – and the news is that they will then turn to the likes Geordie Steve Bruce as the new manager will hardly inspire the Newcastle faithful.

The fans’  dreams of Newcastle’s greatness have been torn apart ever since Mike Ashley bought the club in late May of 2007.

Since then the club has spiralled downwards in almost every category and we are again the laughing stock of the nation.

The one hope we have is Rafa stays on Tyneside but Newcastle icon Alan Shearer seems 100% certain he will walk away from Newcastle.

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Rafa Benitez

The thing that really worries us about Alan’s comments is that he may have talking to Rafa, so he knows what Rafa’s real thinking is.

Rafa made a point o telling everybody that he talked to Alan a few times before he first accepted the job at Newcastle in March.

This is what Alan said about Rafa on  BBC 5 Live:

“A guy of great stature, a world-renowned coach with his CV managing in the Championship?” “I can’t see it happening.”

“I’d love to be wrong.”

“It would be brilliant if he was to stay.”“I know it’s a huge football club and I know he’s been very impressed with how the fans have taken to him but I’d be amazed if he stayed.”

“I’m sure he’ll have loads and loads of offers, not only from the Premier League but from around the world.”

“When you’ve been flirting with relegation for so long the inevitable will happen.”

“When you don’t address problems that have been glaringly obvious for years then, ultimately, you get what you deserve.”

“That’s one thing Newcastle have been good at this season, putting statements out.” “Maybe they should have looked at what went wrong a bit earlier.”

“It might be a bit late to look at it now.”

If Rafa leaves it would be devastating to fans who may have to do with Steve Bruce, Tony Pulis or a similar type of mediocre manager.

Not unlike Steve McClaren – come to think of it.

Newcastle will be in serious trouble and will lose significant support around the world and in fact that has already happened since people will not be able to watch the team play on TV next season.

It’s all very tragic and to hear that the Chronicle believe the incompetent Lee Charnley will likely stay on as Managing Director is simply appalling.

Where is the accountability at Newcastle?

There is none and that’s one reason the club is now in a complete mess from top to bottom.