Newcastle’s Top Executive Trying To Save Himself

In any normal organization the performance of Lee Charnley as Newcastle’s Managing Director this season would result in him losing his job – maybe even before the season ended.

His incompetence as Newcastle’s top executive has cost the club at least £100M next season, and more each season after that – until we can return to the riches of the Premier League.

His choice of John Carver as head coach followed by Steve McClaren as the lead man last June have been catastrophic and resulted in Newcastle being relegated on Wednesday, after just avoiding relegation a year ago.


Lee Charnley – out of his depth

Mike Ashley has said he will review the situation before taking any action, but then we heard on Wednesday night after we were relegated that Lee Charnley seems to be leading that investigation.

This is some of what Charnley said in a bizarre statement he released 30 minutes after we were relegated and while fans were in severe pain and despair and expecting the statement to be Lee’s resignation:

“We know that supporters want to know what the future holds and will want to hear more from us as soon as possible. The process of scrutinizing what went wrong and planning for what is to come has already begun.”

You don’t need much scrutiny for what went wrong – you hired the wrong guy and left him in the job far too long.

End of story.

And the Chronicle have already called for Lee Charnley to be sacked.

Newcastle fans are furious that we have been relegated – something that was totally avoidable but for the complete ineptitude and non-action of the Newcastle Board.

Lee is now leading the charge to persuade Rafa Benitez to stay with us – and in the local reports there are suggestions he could remain as Managing Director.

That would be ridiculous – what Newcastle need is an executive who is experienced, has done the job before and knows what he’s doing and can take tough decisions when they are needed.

And not simply dither around and do nothing and hope for the best that things will somehow magically  change for the better.

Lee is said to have a good relationship with Rafa Benitez, so he should do the job and get Rafa to commit to staying on Tyneside.

But then Mike Ashley needs to get an experienced executive in to run the club with Rafa hopefully having most of the control on Tyneside.

That would work and maybe Lee can go back to what he’s good at – doing the deals for new players.

That’s  what he excelled at before getting the MD job two years ago which is simply too much for him – he’s been promoted above his level.

Changes must be made to the Board otherwise fans will simply not accept it.

Accountability is necessary at Newcastle – accountability for the layoffs that will soon hit some innocent non-playing staff at the club.

The Chronicle have an open letter to Rafa and a petition for fans to sign – here’s where you can read the letter and sign the petition.

If you want to send a message to Rafa asking him to stay, here’s all the contact information for Newcastle United – here.

Here’s Rafa’s twitter account associated with his web-site.

Comments welcome.