Benitez In Attempt To Get Newcastle To Do Things Differently

Some of the transcript of Rafa Benitez’ press conference today has been made available and it seems the 56 year-old could be keen to stay at Newcastle – but he seems to be waiting for Newcastle coming back with agreements on what he is asking for.

Rafa is interested in having control of various things at the club  before he will agree to stay – and that could be up to two weeks maximum before he is able to make a decision.


Rafa Benitez – Newcastle manager

We have to hope that Lee Charnley is not dithering around again – he needs to move quickly before other clubs could come in for the former Liverpool manager – although Lee moves at a snail’s pace- sometimes slower.

But it seems the discussions may be more based on trying to persuade Lee Charnley – and therefore Mike Ashley – to change the way certain things are done at Newcastle.

Here’s a much longer and more detailed version of what  Rafa said today in his 12:30 pm press conference for the game against Spurs tomorrow:

“I am professional, and I’ve been in this business for a while. I’m the kind of manager that has achieved what I have achieved working very hard. I was not a famous star as a player, so I needed to work very hard,”

“I have experienced two promotions with different clubs in Spain – Extremadura and Tenerife – and I have experienced relegation with Extremadura too, and I have won a lot of trophies.”

“I can understand that some people will say ‘no, he cannot stay’ and some people will say ‘he will do it’.”

“We have to be calm, we have to be sure that what I want is the same that the fans want. We want a successful team, we want a strong team to get promoted to the Premier League again as soon as possible, and that is the situation now.”

“We have to talk, we have more meetings, and then we will see what will happen. But if I am here, and I am discussing these things, it’s because in my head it’s a chance. It’s a good chance, and then we have to keep talking.”

“It’s difficult to say – it depends on the conversations – but I think that a couple of weeks could be a decent time.”

“But in the meantime we have a responsibility and we have been working and preparing the pre-season, and leaving everything ready for the next year.”

“We are working as professionals and we are talking, and I think that in a couple of weeks maximum, maybe, we will have an idea.”

“We (Charnley and I) have a good relationship – he is professional and I am professional,”

“We were analyzing things that were wrong, and things that could be done in a different way, and that’s it – quite positive.”

“What we said in this meeting is that we will have more meetings. Again, I will say that it was very positive in terms of the things that we were discussing and I can say to the fans that we will continue.”

“When I decided to come here, it’s because I knew it was a massive club with massive support from the fans, and the players have the level to do well.”

“That was my impression when I came, and I’m really flattered by the fans because they have been amazing, and I know that could be even more positive in the future.”

“But at the moment, we have to be sure that we prepare the game tomorrow properly.”

“And after that we will try to do the best for everyone – for me, for the Club, for the fans, for everyone here.”

It’s encouraging Rafa says there’s a good chance he could stay.

We hope that last line means Rafa will end up at Newcastle and be running a rather large portion of the club.

These seems to be the four things Rafa wants:

  1. Full control of all transfers into and out of the club
  2. A complete overhaul of the Youth Academy
  3. A complete overhaul of the Benton Training Facilities
  4. Control of the medical department

The bottom line is that Rafa wants a lot more control than other managers have had at Newcastle – but you could even read into his comments above there is some resistance coming from Newcastle.

We hope that’s not true.

The difference in knowledge and experience of how to run  a football club between Rafa Benitez and Lee Charnley is measured in light years.

Why would Lee Charnley or Mike Ashley for that matter, want to argue with Rafa – when he says this is the best way to run  Newcastle United?

Especially if Rafa will only stay at Newcastle if those specific changes are made.

This lot at Newcastle better not screw this one up – after they have managed to get the club relegated through their massive incompetence, ineptitude and arrogance this season.

Stupidity should only be allowed to go so far.

If you think we have absolutely no confidence in the current leaders at Newcastle – that would be a good assumption.


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