Rafa Benitez Is Calling Newcastle’s Bluff – They May Blink

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After watching Rafa Benitez’ press conference yesterday, there is no doubt Rafa wants to stay at Newcastle but he wants assurances on certain things – things that will allow him to be successful at Newcastle.

We have seen clearly with this relegation, that everything has been set up for managers (head coaches) to fail on Tyneside – they were bit players in the organization – only meant to coach the side that was put in place by the likes of Lee Charnley and Graham Carr.

That has never worked and failed dramatically over the last two years when we hired two mediocre coaches in John Carver and Steve McClaren after Alan Pardew left.

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Rafa Benitez shares the ambitions of Newcastle’s fans
But they may not be the ambitions of those who run the club

We had to get a world-class coach in – Rafa Benitez – to try to save us with just 10 games to go, but it was too late and even he couldn’t turn around the losing mentality at the club in the short nine weeks he’s been here.

What the fans, staff and even the Board at Newcastle have seen in those short nine weeks is what it’s like to have somebody of Rafa’s ability at the club.

The players play a lot better, they are a lot happier, they work harder on the pitch and the whole place has taken a lift.

But we still failed to avoid relegation.

The Newcastle fans already adore the man – because he’s a fanatic and workaholic with a brilliant football mind who will talk to anybody about football for hours – if you have the time.

He can make Newcastle great again – and he wants to do that.

Asked if he was ready for the poor and much smaller grounds and distant remote places in the Championship – he simply shrugged that off by saying he wanted to coach football – that’s all.

And that put a stop to those who said he was too big and famous a coach to go down a division with Newcastle – like Alan Shearer as one example.

Rafa seems very willing to do that, but wants real  assurances from the club on certain issues before he will fully commit.

We cannot let this man walk away – he’s like a God sent from heaven.

He is the perfect manager to bring Newcastle back to greatness.

That’s if those incompetents running the club want that – rather than just wanting to stay in the Premier League at any cost – and  we have even failed to do that twice in Ashley’s disastrous nine year reign at the club..

There are still some doubts about the ambitions at Newcastle.

Rafa simply wants to find that out in the next week or two and if he thinks it is not there he will walk away and nobody will blame him.

He will join another club with ambitions that match his – and make them great.

He’s a winner and he wants to join a club who can match his sky-high ambitions.

This is some of what Rafa said yesterday:

“If I stay it is because I want to win, not because I want to stay here in the Championship for 10 years,” 

“That is not my target; my target if I stay is one year in the Championship and five in the Premier League.”

“If I decide to stay it is because I have confidence we can get the job done, for sure.”

“Like I say before, what I want is like the fans – a strong team capable to promote quickly and to compete at the maximum level.”

Yesterday he rather brilliantly aligned himself with the fans – what they want is what he wants – a strong team that can compete at the maximum level – make that the Champions League.

The fans are a huge positive for the club and they always have been and they share Rafa’s ambitions completely.

It’s those lot running the club who don’t even know what it’s like to win anything, who now seem to be hesitating when they have the chance of securing a world-class coach at the club for least three years at least.

Boldness and ambition is needed at Newcastle right now and it may not be there.

If they mess this one up there will be hell to pay with the Newcastle fans.

Comments welcome.

The Chronicle have an open letter to Rafa and a petition for the fans to sign – here’s where you can read the letter and sign the petition. – there’s 25,000 signed so far.

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