This Is A Sad Day In Newcastle’s History

This is a unique and sad day in Newcastle’s long history, because it’s the first time a Newcastle team will play in the Premier League when we have already been relegated from the Premier League.

The last time we were relegated was seven years ago when we went to Aston Villa  on the final day of the season and lost 1-0 – and that  sealed our first relegation ever from the Premier League.

Well it’s happened again – this time completely due to the ineptitude and incompetence of those running the club – and it’s a relegation that was completely avoidable – if we had sane people running the club – but we don’t.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley a year ago at West Ham game
Things have gone downhill since then

One of the quotes attributed to Albert Einstein was the following one – one which is apt for those incompetents running Newcastle:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

The way the club has been run for nine years has never worked,  but they keep on doing the same things and we keep finishing in the bottom half of the league table and with two relegations now – it just doesn’t work guys.

The game against Tottenham today could also be the last time Rafa Benita manages a game for Newcastle, although he seems to want to stay and bring Newcastle back to greatness.

Not only to the Premier League at the very first attempt – that’s small potatoes for him – but on from there so Newcastle can play at what he calls the “maximum level”.

Rafa wants to win the Champions League with Newcastle, but that may be too much to take in one go for the likes of owner Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley – they could still mess it up – after completely messing up this season.

Maybe Mike should think of how much he could sell Newcastle United for if Rafa does manage to win the Champions League –  think of those massive profits Mike.

We have to remain positive and  hope they will (have?) come to their senses and realize the last nine years have been completely disastrous for everybody concerned and that huge changes are now required.

The great Rafa Benitez is available to make those changes.

If they do come to their senses in time and get Rafa signed up – this will be a new age at Newcastle – not another false dawn – Rafa means business.

The fans mean business too and all Mike Ashley has to do is to sign Rafa up and let him get on with it – and keep out of his way – simply support what he wants to do.

That’s the great hope with which we enter the last game in the Premier League for at least a year.

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The Chronicle have an open letter to Rafa and a petition for fans to sign – here’s where you can read the letter and sign the petition.

By the way that’s a fantastic letter from the Chronicle to Rafa – it’s perfect!