Alan Shearer Still Thinks Rafa Will Walk Away From Newcastle

Alan Shearer is still not convinced that Rafa Benitez will accept the Newcastle manager position and manage the club in the Championship next season.

Well at least Alan is consistent and he’s sticking to his opinion, even though the news coming through seems extremely positive that Rafa could be signed up before the end of week.

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Alan Shearer – not convinced

This is what Alan Shearer said on BBC Look North yesterday:

“I’d still be very surprised if he was to be Newcastle manager.” “I’m sure he’ll have many offers.”

“And I’m sure he’ll have many questions that he wants to ask the owner, and many assurances that he’ll want to ask:  including about whether he will be allowed to manage the whole football club.”

“He’ll want all that down in black and white.” “I hope he stays but I’d be surprised.”

“The atmosphere on Saturday at St James’ Park for a team who had just been relegated was just unbelievable.”

“You looked at the players celebrating when they scored a goal, and the passion and commitment they showed – but where has that been all season?”

“I know there was nothing on the game, so really there was no pressure on them, but really the performance was baffling for me.”

It’s fairly easy to answer Alan’s question about where was has that passion been all season.

Rafa wasn’t with us earlier – but it still doesn’t show our players in a good light one little bit – that’s true also.

We hope Alan is wrong on Rafa, but it seems this interview was before the news broke late last night about how much closer Rafa is to accepting the Newcastle job.

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