Poll – Who Was Newcastle’s Player Of The Season?

This has been one of Newcastle’s worst seasons since 1992 and the second time we have been relegated from the Premier League, but this time we did it to ourselves – it was all self-inflicted.

The reason for our relegation was ineptitude and incompetence from those running the club from the top.

That’s one big reason we hope Rafa agrees to join us – and he can then make all the decisions that are football related at the club – so others will have much less scope in which to screw up.

rafa benitez in training

Rafa Benitez taking the  training

A real  football person with massive experience making all the football related decisions – what a concept – soon hopefully coming to Newcastle.

Once Rafa is appointed we will be able to put this season behind us and get massively behind Rafa and the players as he tries to make Newcastle great again – we bet he will be (very) successful in that endeavor.

Let us know who you think was the Player of the Season – the requirement is to have appeared in 10 league games this season.

Who Was Newcastle's Player Of The Season?

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