Growing Concerns From Fans About Benitez Negotiations

We are being told that everything is going just fine with the negotiations proceeding with Rafa Benitez to manage Newcastle next season – and that Rafa is back at his home outside Liverpool working on transfers and other stuff associated with Newcastle for next season.

The news a couple of days ago was that Rafa and Newcastle have a verbal agreement that Rafa will become the manager for the next three years – and that both parties are now working on stuff for the coming season.


Lee Charnley – the football brains currently at Newcastle

At the same time before Rafa will commit, we understand that Newcastle have to get some things to the former Liverpool manager – like how much will be made available to him in the summer for new players and what will be done about improving the Benton training facilities in the immediate future.

Newcastle are also leaking information almost daily on the progress being made and this will probably be coming from Lee Charnley.

Our concern is that could be why it looks so rosy and great – and we remember the way Lee reacted on February 22nd at the Fans Forum meeting about relegation:

Question – “Does the club have any plans in the event of relegation as far as season tickets are concerned? In the event of relegation, does the club intend to reimburse any fans on the direct debit scheme if they decide to cancel their season ticket?”

Answer – “The club is confident of remaining in the Premier League and, as a result, has not discussed plans in such detail across the business at this stage.”

Lee was wrong on that and he’s been wrong on a number of things – including the capabilities of a certain Steve McClaren.

In fact he hasn’t been right ion too many things at all over the last two years.

So it’s not surprising the Newcastle fans are becoming a little bit jittery at the moment.

The bottom line is we have confidence at all in those running the club, after the insidious incompetence shown,  that has seen Newcastle United relegated this season and lose out on at least £100M next season.

If any club can screw up these negotiations with Rafa Benitez – it’s Newcastle.

That’s the big problem at Newcastle right now – we have now real executive leadership at the club.

And while that may be a negative way of looking at things – it’s also realistic, based on past experience.

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