Are Newcastle Looking To Appoint A Director Of Football?

With Graham Carr almost certain to retire this summer, that’s one of the two people who are responsible for Newcastle’s relegation leaving the club and now the question is what happens to Lee Charnley?

The rumors are that he will stay with the club, but surely he cannot still remain the top executive  at Newcastle, given his performance over the last two years when Newcastle have plummeted, due in no small measure to Lee’s lack of decisiveness and experience as an executive.

frank mcParland

Frank McParland – now at Rangers

We have no idea how Rafa Benitez thinks Newcastle should be run at the executive level, but we’ve said before if Newcastle do bring in a new top executive, which seems likely, then he would need to be somebody who can work well and closely with Rafa,

Somebody who Rafa knows from the past would be good.

So it is with interest that there’s news in the Mail today that Rafa is trying to get his former colleague at Liverpool – Frank McParland to Newcastle to presumably work in the Chief Scout position.

56 year-old McParland was a Liverpool fan as a boy and Chief Scout at Liverpool between 2003 and 2007, mostly when Rafa was the manager, before he left to join Watford as their Director of Football.

Last year he joined up with Rangers manager Mark Warburton and assistant David Weir as their Head of Recruitment – and the three are said to be close friends.

So it does beg the question whether Rafa may be able to bring in a Director of Football as well as a Chief Scout to help run the club effectively.

Rafa wants Newcastle to become a proper football club – a big change from the last nine years.

As well as cleaning up the playing side of things at Newcastle, which we are doing by trying to get Rafa in – maybe it’s a good time to also clean up the executive running of the club – which has been woeful under Mike Ashley.

In the past Ashley has wanted somebody close to him to be the interface – so it may be difficult to bring in a real football person for that position.

And they must be approved by Benitez – since he will essentially become the club when (and still if?) he’s appointed as manager.

But if Lee Charnley stays in his position as the Managing Director it will show clearly that Mike Ashley does not hold his people  accountable – even when they are responsible for relegation  and have cost the club at least £100M next season alone.

And we still have to learn about the number of  layoffs of the non-playing staff because of the relegation.

Newcastle fans will be expecting a new Football Board to be announced soon, after the one in the season just ended was just hopeless – a catastrophe – and resulted in our relegation.

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