David Ginola Reported In Critical Condition in France

There were reports yesterday that 49 year-old David Ginola had suffered a heart attack while playing in some really hot weather, but then a tweet from the former Newcastle winger seemed to suggest it wasn’t too much to worry about –  and that he only fainted and he was OK.

But there are disturbing reports this morning coming out of France from eye witnesses present when it happened, and they are saying the situation is a serious one with David having been in a coma and having undergone  a three hour emergency operation overnight in France.


David Ginola – suffered a heart attack – in a coma

Speaking on French TV show L’Équipe du Soir, journalist Jean Philippe Lustyk, who was by Ginola’s side when the incident happened, has said the situation is very serious:

“The emergency services arrived at the scene within 15 minutes of the incident. And today we cannot know what is going to happen.”

“He is in a stationary state. He is in a coma. There was a cardiac arrest, he had a heart attack on the pitch. He fell in front of us.”

“And if he has been saved, I am using the conditional tense because the situation right now is still very dramatic.”

“Contrary to what was announced on social media, notably by his agent. At no moment was David Ginola in a good state.”

“There was a message on Twitter : ‘I am fine, don’t worry.’ This is absolutely not the case. Sadly, no. He remains in a stationary state. And so nobody can know anything.”

“The emergency services have indicated that the initial response came from Olivier Girault and Matt Pokora who were on the pitch with him.”

“They ran towards him, first of all to prevent him from swallowing his own tongue and second of all they administered the first cardiac massages when Ginola’s pulse was not there.”

“So during those crucial 15 minutes before the emergency services arrived, they prevented him from being dead. At the moment we absolutely cannot know David’s state.”

French newspaper Nice-Matin had reported that indeed the former football star had suffered a heart attack while playing football in Mandelieu, while at a celebrity golf tournament.

He was said to have been taken  to the hospital at around 4.40 pm local time.

The situation was confused as noted above in the statement when there was a later tweet that appeared on David’s Twitter account.

When there is a heart attack it’s important that the person receive oxygen quickly so the brain in not deprived of oxygen for too long.

That’s unfortunately what happened to our former goalkeeper Pavel Srnicek in late December and Pavel later died from his cardiac arrest, which he suffered while out running alone.

We are hoping that David will be OK and it does look like he received attention quickly following his cardiac arrest.

Our hopes and prayers are with the former Newcastle United winger and those close to him