Good News And More Clarity On David Ginola’s Condition

Updated news today on David Ginola’s condition today that he has had quadruple bypass surgery in France and in fact it is now being reported that David did not suffer a heart attack yesterday – which is really excellent news.

david ginola

David Ginola – he’s going to be just fine

Professor Dreyfus has talked to the local newspaper Var-Matin about David’s condition today:

“He arrived in a catastrophic state.”  “He was unconscious and did not remember anything.”

“But it is going well. I have been able to talk to him. He does not show any neurological after-effects.”

“He did not have a heart attack but he had very complicated coronary lesions which required us to perform a quadruple bypass. “

“We began the operation at 1900 and finished between 0100 and 0130 local time.”

A tweet from Ginola’s account was sent out by his agent:

It’s great news there is no neurological damage.

Ginola will have also found out there are an awful lot of people out there who care about him a lot and love him – and that will surely help in his recovery.

The news that it was not a heart attack is really key and just tremendous news – so David should be OK once he rests up – but he should now make a full and complete recovery.


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