When Rafa Signs – This Is What Newcastle Will Become

If Rafa Benitez is introduced as the new Newcastle manager by mid next week, as the latest news seems to suggest, then we can say that Newcastle will soon become a proper football  club.

What do we mean by that – a team well coached by a top class manager – and a club that will soon be one of the best-run clubs in England – not to mention (hopefully) one of the most successful clubs in England and even in Europe.

Whoa – that sounds good!

With Rafa Benitez in charge and hopefully Mike Ashley and others willing to give him carte blanche and also willing to stay out of his way – this will become a new era for Newcastle United.

rafa benitez spurs

Rafa Benitez – Newcastle manager

It was a good decision by Ashley a year ago to take himself out of the running of Newcastle, but in Graham Carr and Lee Charnley he put the wrong men in charge and they got us relegated, even through we spent £80M on new players.

What Mike has done – if it comes off – is almost a master-stroke in getting one of the best men in football – Rafa Benitez – and giving him total control of all football matters a Newcastle.

All decisions on the football side of the football club will be Rafa’s to make.

Notice that includes whether he goes all out next season to win a cup, even though we have to ensure we come straight back up from the Championship.

Nobody will be allowed to whisper in his ear to field a weakened side because the league is the highest priority – Rafa wants to win things – including cups.

And the very fact we were relegated for a second time may have helped the owner finally see that his way of running the club for the last nine years simply didn’t work.

2008-20093418 - relegated
2009-2010102 *1 - promoted
2015-20163718 - relegated

Mike may have been so desperate that he just accepted he would give Rafa everything he wanted to keep him at the club.

If we had stayed up and £160M was there for us next May then Ashley may have been less willing to hand over total control.

Anyway, it’s a thought.

When Rafa is announced next week, always assuming it goes through, it will be a massive relief to Newcastle fans and some celebrations will be in order.

And it ways a lot about Rafa that he is willing to go down a division and manage Newcastle – he really believes in the future of this cub.

And we’re sure Rafa will ask everybody associated with Newcastle United to get right behind him and the team – and help to make Newcastle great again.

Rafa will get no resistance to that from the Newcastle fans everywhere.

Howay The Lads!!