Newcastle’s Communication To Fans Still A Failing Grade

After we were relegated on 11th May, there was a press release from Lee Charnley within 30 minutes of the final whistle, after Sunderland had beaten Everton 3-0 at the Stadium of Light.

Then we heard from owner Mike Ashley the next day, although there was no apology from either man to the long-suffering Newcastle fans.

There should be an apology from the club because it was their incompetence that has resulted in this relegation.

Lee Charnley Thumbs Up

Lee Charnley – staying on as Managing Director?

Since May 11th there has been a stony silence from the club as the negotiations with Rafa Benitez seem to have dragged on – and on – and on …….

We just hope that’s not another sign of Lee Charnley dithering around – which he has been known to do far too often – including on whether to sack Steve McClaren last season – when he decided too many times not to do.

The good news in the Chronicle today is the some of Rafa’s staff began locating to Newcastle last week – so that’s a very good sign.


In Charnley’s message on relegation he said there would be improved communications with the fans in due course, but if Lee stays on as Managing Director, which are the big rumors, we cannot see that happening.

The club still gets a failing grade on their communications with fans.

Yes, he may release statements – sometimes long – but with Lee they never say anything of substance.

There is the Fans Forum meeting coming up – the end of season Fans Forum meeting – but with Lee he seems to view the fans more as enemies and is loathe to answer the questions with any substance.

That has to change.

Maybe Lee can ensure Rafa Benitez attends these Fan Forum meetings and then the reps would get the real deal directly from the horse’s mouth so to speak (sorry Rafa) – from the man himself – and we know Rafa doesn’t see the fans as the enemy.

Rafa Benitez sees the Newcastle fans as a huge advantage the club has – the fans are the lifeblood of the club – and hardly the enemy.

It would be great if Rafa can attend the next Fan Forum meeting and maybe he can tell the Forum reps in attendance some of his plans and his vision for the club?

Sounds good to us.

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