Newcastle Could Be Losing Top Player – Unexpectedly

Last night there was news that Andros Townsend was traveling to Lisbon to have talks about signing for Sporting Lisbon, who want to activate the release clause in Andros’ Newcastle contract.

The latest news is that he will be signing for the Portuguese club, but it’s still unclear whether there is any truth in the reports.

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Andros Townsend – could be leaving Newcastle

The reports claim that Andros was given permission to leave the England squad by manager Roy Hodgson to visit Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, but if that’s true then surely Newcastle would have been informed of the situation.

Other reports say that the England players were let go yesterday afternoon and didn’t have to report back until tomorrow morning, so that also gave a timeframe for Andros to travel to Portugal.

This would be a huge blow to Newcastle if these reports turn out to be true, because from what Townsend has said he seemed willing to stay at the club, if Rafa stayed and play for us in the Championship next season.

He had talked highly of Benitez and in the nine weeks the Spaniard was at Newcastle, Andros said the former Liverpool manager  had already made him a better player – and one reason he had made the England 26 man squad.

The main report is in the Record, a Lisbon newspaper, who had this front page today.

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Sporting finished just behind Benfica in the Portuguese League with an impressive 86 points, two points behind Benfica.

If this happens then maybe it will allow Newcastle to hold onto one of the players we were expecting to sell – Gini Wijnaldum or Moussa Sissoko – if they will agree to stay at Newcastle.

But this is the collateral damage that happens when a club gets relegated – and in any case we don’t want to keep any players at the club who don’t want to stay.

It does seem a  strange move for Andros to make however, as he’s keen to stay in the England squad and we would have thought staying in England would have helped that.

One last point – how could they ever afford his £80K/week wages he’s supposed to be getting on Tyneside?

If this rumor has no substance to it we would expect Newcastle to make a short announcement clarifying the situation.

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