Newcastle’s European Ranking – Rock Bottom

The CIES Observatory in Switzerland have looked at the estimated transfer cost per player in each of the clubs in the five major European Leagues and put together a league table – call it the transfer cost league – based on that figure for each of the clubs.

The five major European leagues were England (Premier League), Spain, Germany, France and Italy and the estimated transfer costs were based on things like age, transfer value and international appearances of the players.

They then looked at the actual finishing position of the clubs in each of the leagues and Newcastle came out to be 10 places lower than their position in the transfer cost  league.

Steve McClaren watford

Steve McClaren – Newcastle’s former head coach

Newcastle were 8th in the transfer cost league and finished in 18th place at the end of the season so the gap was -10.

That ties with Marseille as the club with the biggest negative gap and one way to look at that is that Newcastle and Marseilles wet the two most underperforming clubs in Europe last season based on the value of their players.

Newcastle’s  eighth costliest line up in England had an average of 7.9M (£6M) per player.

As a contrast, the cost per player at Leicester was 2.7M (£2M) which was 18th in the transfer cost league in England.

So since Leicester finished top that was 17 places above their transfer league position +17.

That was easily the best of any club in the five divisions  – the next best was Mainz in the Bundesliga with +10.

It’s a way of showing how Newcastle massively under-performed last season.

Another way of looking at it is the extent to which Steve McClaren failed to get the best out of the players he had available.

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