He’s A Lucky Man – Now On His Way To A Complete Recovery

Back on May 20th David Ginola was a man close to death – and there was some confusion about his condition as he had collapsed during a charity football game in the south of France.

The great news today is that David Ginola is back home again and on his way to a full recovery.

david ginola

David Ginola

The former Newcastle winger has sent out this tweet thanking everybody.

There was news that he has a heart attack and then that he hadn’t but two days later his surgeon Gilles Dreyfus, Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the Monaco Heart Center cleared things up and said what really did happen – and David is lucky to be alive today.

“He played a charity game. He collapsed and people thought it was a joke, but after one or two minutes somebody realized it was serious.”

“Fortunately there was one person who had been trained in CPR, otherwise he would have been brain dead.”

“They then called the emergency services, and they arrived eight minutes later with him in cardiac arrest.”

“He was shocked four times on site and they were able to restore a normal heart rhythm.”

“A helicopter transferred him to Monaco Heart Center where he immediately underwent a quadruple heart bypass.”

“He woke normally with no neurological damage and is now recovering like anybody would normally do.”

“Luckier you can’t be.”

“It’s an unbelievable story.”

As we said David is a lucky man – and glad to be alive – and so appreciative of those that offered their love and affection when it really mattered.