Newcastle Star Not Sure Where It All Went Wrong

Georginio Wijnaldum hasn’t thought too much about leaving Newcastle – yet – because he says he’s still too devastated and distraught about Newcastle being relegated.

And whereas Rafa Benitez has made it clear he would like to see Moussa Sissoko stay at Newcastle for next season, the manager has not said the same thing about the Dutch international.

Rafa could still want Gini to stay at the club for next season of course, but we think the Dutch International will want to move to pastures anew – but we could be wrong about that.


Gini Wijnaldum – in action against Crystal Palace

One of the world’s best managers has shown everybody the way at Newcastle.

Rafa Benitez has fully committed himself to Newcastle for the next three years, even though that means a season in the English second division.

That shows real commitment from the man who has managed Valencia, Liverpool, Inter-Milan, Naples and at the start of season the Champions League winners of last Saturday – Real Madrid.

This is some of what Gini has said in the local papers today::

“It’s difficult to say where it went wrong, you have to analyze the whole season and then you can say that.” “It is still difficult to say directly after the season where it went wrong.”

“The fans gave me a good feeling by supporting us.” “Especially in the Tottenham game when the club had been relegated and the stadium was still full.”

“They were still singing for us and that gives us a good feeling.” “That’s what you have to do in football (just come back), you can do nothing else.”

“If something happens you have to stay calm and have confidence in yourself and as a team.” “You have to keep fighting.”

Rafa staying at the club should ensure he can keep all the players he wants to keep – we just don’t know exactly who those are yet – and whether they will include Gini Wijnaldum.

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