Praise For Rafa Benitez From An Unlikely Source

Rafa Benitez was sacked by Real Madrid in early January and he came in for some criticism from some players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe, but it looks like the leaders at the Madrid club appreciated the work Rafa did for the club in the six months he was there.

florentino perez

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez

This is what the Real Madrid President said today on Football Espansa:

“Until January, we’d had a good run in the Champions League.”

“Our slump was in part due to so many injuries, but I still thought we could do something like winning the Champions League, because we have a great team and never lost hope of winning something important.”

“Benitez did a good job. Don’t forget that.”

“Zidane symbolizes values such as respect, humility, talent.” “He’s very serious in his work.”

“When I spoke to him in January, he said he was prepared to work, that he knew Real Madrid very well and the dressing room.”

“He said: ‘Don’t worry President, we’ll win something. It’s guaranteed.’ “The other day, when we had our embrace, he said: ‘We’ve done it.’”

Perez has criticized Rafa because Rafa dropped the 33 year-old and was rebuilding the Madrid central defense around 23 year-old French International Raphael Varane.

And Ronaldo didn’t like the fact that Benitez was trying to improve his free kick,s because Cristiano presumably thought they couldn’t be improved.

There’s a little bit of class from the Real Madrid President right there.

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