Rafa Benitez Reveals Surprising Summer Plans

For a man who loves his work and is the classic workaholic, Rafa Benitez has said he will not be going for any summer holiday in June, but prefers to be close to his family in the Wirral, just outside of Liverpool.

He’s been away from his family managing at  Naples and Real Madrid for two and a half years, so he’s glad to be back in northern England.

Rafa is happy to be manager of Newcastle now, because as well as preparing in June for the pre-season he will be close to  his wife and two teenage daughters  – and he says that’s a holiday in itself.

smiling Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitez – happy to be close to his family

This is what Rafa has said in the Chronicle today:

“I will stay around. We don’t have too much time.” “When you’ve been far away from your family like me for two and a half years you stay at home. Being with family is like a holiday for me.”

“I am really pleased to be at Newcastle because my family are happy that I am going to be close to them. Of course, you can’t stop working.”

“And we’ve already been working and hopefully we can see something in the next few weeks.”

“We will start on July 1. We’re going to Ireland and we will try to approach the pre-season with the idea of football, that’s what matters.”

“We will work as much as we can. We will have between five and seven friendlies, we’ll have to decide that.”

“The idea is to have time with the team and to prepare the team properly. We know we will have plenty of games during the season.”

It’s really a win-win-win for Rafa. Newcastle United and his family.

And now the powers that be at Newcastle have to allow Rafa to get on with the job and not get in his way but simply support him fully, as he takes Newcastle from a club in decline and turns us around and he can certainly make Newcastle great again.

It has to start in the Championship, but that’s OK – at least we should win a lot of games this season.

And who knows, we may still end up with a very strong side that could compete in the two local cups in the coming season.

The main priority is of course automatic promotion so we are back in the big time next season and in the wilderness for just one year.

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