Benitez’ Riches Will Only Increase – Here’s Why He’s Worth It

When Rafa Benitez was negotiating for the Newcastle job he wasn’t doing it because of the money – Rafa has such a record in football that he was already in great demand from clubs who were willing to pay him a lot more than he is now getting at Newcastle – said to be £5M per year on a three year deal.

Rafa had just been sacked by Real Madrid and would have seen a hefty payoff from the world’s most famous football club, who have now won the Champions League (European Cup) a record 11 times, after winning the first five in succession from 1956 through 1960.

And Rafa had just finished a two year stint at Naples as he is not short of money and with the Premier League coming into untold riches in the future, he has the skill that will earn him a lot of money in the coming years.

rafa benitez spurs 98

Rafa Benitez – successful football manager

Let’s hope that is with Newcastle United – and if the club can give Alan Pardew an eight year deal we should be able to give Rafa a ten year deal in the next year or so – to keep him on Tyneside long term.

The news today is how much Rafa has received this season with Italian web-site – Calcio Finanza – the football finance site revealing just how much Rafa got from his six months in charge of Real Madrid.

Benitez is said to have had a salary of €6.5M (£5M)  from his six months at Real Madrid, which includes a severance package of €4M (£3M).

The former Liverpool and Naples boss earned €2.5M (£1.93M) at Newcastle until June, and also pocketed a bonus of €700K (£540K) because of  Real Madrid’s Champions League win last Saturday.

The web-site is reporting that Rafa’s deal at Newcastle for three years is at only €5M (£3.85M) rather than the £5M being reported locally.

So clearly Rafa has earned a lot of money in the last year and in his career,  but people of his ability in a business that is currently crying out for top managers – especially in the Premier League – now earn huge amounts.

Pep Guardiola is on £15M a year at Man City and the amounts differ for Joe Mourinho at Man United, but £14M is a figure touted a lot.

Here’s a list of the 20 top paid managers in football, with Rafa in 10th place on £4.5M.

But, as we said, if Rafa leads us straight back to the Premier League this season we’d even expect the club to renegotiate a deal to keep Rafa at the club for the next 10 years – that will almost guarantee Newcastle success in the future and more than one trophy for sure.

For a club that’s been so starved of success over the last 12 years or so – that’s a cheap price to pay.

And as we’ve seen in the past with some of the managers we’ve had – you get what you pay for.

And if you have trouble with what Rafa’s is getting in terms of money, here’s how to think of it.

In human terms (the only thing that really matters) just think of the joy, happiness and ecstasy he can bring to the hundreds of thousands of Newcastle fans all over the world – if he can bring us success and a trophy.

And soon too!

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