It’s All So Very Sad For This Great Newcastle Player

Newcastle’s price tag on Moussa Sissoko this summer will be £20M and we suppose Moussa would agree with that price tag, but the difficult thing for him wanting to leave Newcastle is no club in their right mind would be willing to pay that for Moussa.

Even Man City who pride themselves in completely overpaying for players may think twice before paying out £20M on Moussa.

The French International has been too inconsistent at Newcastle and he hasn’t played well the last two seasons.

In fact the best he’s played is since Rafa Benitez arrived at the club in early March, but he still wants to leave because a player of his caliber and ability should not be playing in England’s second division.

No way Jose.

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Moussa Sissoko in action for France

He should be playing for a top club in Europe who are in the Champions League every season – like Arsenal for example.

Here are just some of the quotes from his interview yesterday with Foot Mercato – an interview he really shouldn’t have given – and some of our translations on what he is really saying:

“I grieve for myself, for the club, for my family and for many other people (but mostly for myself).

“It was a complicated season and many things happened during the season. Things are done and now it’s for me to look ahead.” (screw Newcastle).

“It is flattering that a coach like Benitez, a great coach, wants to keep me (he really knows football and that I’m so great), but I think he knows that I get to a level where playing in the Championship would be difficult for me.”

“I must continue my development.” (in other words I am far too good for the Championship stupid).

“I aspire to play for the biggest clubs in Europe and continue to be in the France team. I think he understands.”

“Today, if I play in the Championship, I forget about the France team and many other things.” (I must keep playing for France – they will be much weaker without me).

“I want to continue my career in England, at a club that plays in the Champions League, because I think the English league is the championship that best fits my style of play.” (The English league is the best and I’m the best).

What a complete load of hogwash – I feel so sorry for Moussa and the terrible plight he is in right now – I’m almost in tears.

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