This Is Still Newcastle’s Biggest Advantage

Jack Colback has been praising the Newcastle fans for supporting the team through last season, one of the worst seasons Newcastle have had for a very long time – and which led to relegation for the second time in a too short seven years.

So now we have to fight our way back to the Premier League next May, but our big advantage of course is now we have Rafa Benitez – and if anybody can do it then it’s Rafa Benitez.

jack Colback Rafa Benitez swansea

Jack Colback and Rafa Benitez

This is what Jack has said on the Newcastle web-site today:.

“The fans were unbelievable.” “Fans like this don’t deserve to be in the Championship and the way they supported us throughout the season was phenomenal.”

“Too many times we let the fans down and didn’t give performances on a regular basis but credit to them – they were probably the most consistent part of our season.”

“To turn out like that on the final day against Tottenham and support a team that were already down the way they did is amazing.”

“The way the season went, you wouldn’t have blamed the fans for not showing up or if there was a negative atmosphere, but they were singing from the start.”

“The atmosphere was very positive which was amazing, and the way they got behind the team and the manager in particular was fantastic. I’m sure it will continue into next season.”

Newcastle have always had the best fans in the land and now we have a chance to have a team as good as the fans as the manager starts to build a Newcastle that can be successful.

Rafa has been given free rein at the club and successful now means we can actually win something – win a trophy.

Definition of trophy:

“A cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.”

That’s just  in case trophy had forgotten what one of those is.


It will be the first time since back in 1969 if we can win something – and again if anybody can do it then it’s Rafa Benitez.

And with the fans backing Rafa and the team 100% – then what can stop us?

Hopefully nothing.

Comments welcome.

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