It’s Not Going To Be Easy For This Newcastle Player

Rob Elliot faces a hard slog back from his ACL knee injury, and he suffered it over five months after Tim Krul suffered his, so we’d be surprised if Rob is fit before say late November at best.

Tim is probably hoping he can be fit for the first game of the Championship season on August 6th, but there’s been no official comment on that from the club.

Rob says he will be back in training in September or October and is foregoing a summer holiday in the hopes of getting fitter faster.


Rob Elliot – Newcastle goalkeeper

This is what Rob has said on the Newcastle web-site today:

“I’m in almost every day, getting fit again.” “The training ground is a lonely place. Tim Krul is also around but he’s a bit ahead of me in his rehab so he may have a bit more time off.”

“It is tough but I’m working with great physios and hopefully it will make me stronger and get me back quicker.” “As much as you want a summer break, I would rather be fit and then I can enjoy my summer holidays next year instead.”

“I would rather be back at St. James’ Park playing than anywhere in the world on holiday.” “I will sacrifice anything to make sure that happens and work so hard to get back as soon as possible.”

“If missing a couple of holidays will mean I’m back two or three weeks earlier, then it will be worth it.” “I’ve been working hard and I’m off my crutches now, so that’s great and makes me feel a little bit more independent.”

“It’s amazing what you take for granted, especially as a footballer, because you’re so active and I found it really hard.”

“But now I’m off the crutches and have seen the surgeon, who gave me the all-clear, I can really start progressing, which is massive for me.”

“I can start doing things like the bike and treadmill, which are simple things at a low level but enough to make you realise that you are going to return to fitness.”

“I will be getting ready to hopefully be back in training in September or October.”

It just shows Rob’s dedication to Newcastle, the fact that he wants to concentrate in the summer on the physio work on his knee in the hope he can make a quicker return.

And once Rob is fully fit again it’s going to be very interesting to see who Rafa has as his number one goalkeeper at Newcastle, after Rob played so great for us in Tim’s absence last season.

And Karl Darlow looked a very good goalkeeper too in those final eight games of the season.

Most fans still rate Tim Krul as Newcastle’s best goalkeeper.

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