Benitez – I Am Very Confident Because Newcastle Fans Love Their Club

It must have been very difficult for Rafa Benitez to agree to stay on at Newcastle when we are in the second division, because it means a world-class manager will be out of the spotlight when managing the Tyneside club – well at least for next season.

It’s something that he is hardly used to since he took over Valencia in 2001 and took them to some great success.

But Rafa agreed to stay on at Newcastle and he has said to the Chronicle that he is very confident because he knows that  Newcastle fans just love their club and the fantastic season ticket sales are proof of that.

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It’s thumbs up from Rafa

The ticket sales have been the best they have been for several years and we are in the second division!

In the Chronicle question and answer with Rafa on Thursday, the manager was asked whether he was surprised with the good season ticket sales at Newcastle. where some sections are already sold out.


Season-ticket sales are booming despite relegation – has that surprised you? How important is it to have a full and vocal St James’ Park next season?

Rafa Benitez answer:

“It does not surprise me so much, because these are fans who love the club. It is hard when you love something to stay away.”

“But it is fantastic to hear that areas in the stadium have already sold out and that there have been queues for tickets at the stadium.”

“When I hear this, it makes me very confident in what we can achieve next season because as I have said, the fans make a really big difference, when the stadium is full and loud and positive, then we can achieve great things.”

“I have to thank them for showing their faith in me as the manager and already I look forward to seeing them in St James’ Park in August.”

There is really a very strong bond between Rafa and the Newcastle fans already – and the former Liverpool manager knows exactly where the fans are coming from.

Rafa has the same ambitions as the Newcastle fans and that is to make Newcastle into a top club again in the Premier League and to start to win some trophies like the FA Cup, the League Cup, the Premier League, the UEFA League and the Champions League – you name it.

We don’t think Rafa puts any limit at all on what is possible with Newcastle United when he is the manager.

That’s what is so exciting about having Rafa as the Newcastle manager – he has as much ambition as the fans.

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Did we make it clear we love Rafa Benitez?

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