Rafa Talks In Detail About This Summer’s Transfer Window

Rafa Benitez has given part two of his exclusive interview with the Chronicle today – and he has talked specially and at length about the type of players Newcastle want to recruit this summer.

And it’s a balance between getting players in who will be good in the Championship for us and those we will need for the following season – when Rafa says we will be back in the Premier League – he specifically says we will be in the Championship for just one season.

graham carr

Graham Carr – working with Rafa on recruitment

Rafa has also mentioned working with Lee and Graham – and that’s one of the few times he has mentioned Graham Carr, but he says it’s a good partnership between the three of them and again has said they are making very good progress.

This is what Rafa has said about the type of player he wants to sign this summer:

“We have to think about the type of player who is best for the Championship, because everybody knows it is a very different league, more physical and it is tougher in different ways than the Premier League.”

“But also we cannot just focus on building a strong squad for the Championship, because we hope we will only be there for one season.”

“We have to build a squad that we are confident can help us out of the Championship and then can perform also strongly in the Premier League.”

“Having experience of playing in the Championship can be important, but it is important to have a mix of players who can each bring different qualities to the team.”

“Mentality, experience, skill, determination, how everyone works together for the team, all these things are important.” “I think I don’t need to talk about specific positions.”

“Our fans are very knowledgeable, they will know which positions we need to strengthen,  just like we know.” “We are working to strengthen positions in which we are weak, of course.”

“We have our priorities, we have our targets and we are making very good progress behind the doors.”

“I don’t care where a player is from, just that he is the right player for Newcastle United and for the squad that we want to build,” 

“I have good connections abroad and I am using those connections and working with Lee and with Graham – it is a good partnership and I said before we are making very good progress.”

Rafa has worked with players from all over the world, so it doesn’t seem to matter to him where they came from – as long as they are good enough – as he points out.

It is really going to be very interesting to see what players Rafa does bring into the club before September rolls around.

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