Why Rafa Benitez Called Up The Local Paper

When Steve McClaren was introduced as the new head coach last June, only the preferred media were invited to his first press conference – Sky Sports and The Mirror – and that annoyed other local journalists – and rightly so.

And the comments on that were that McClaren did nothing to change that nonsense.

But did you notice last week when new manager Rafa Benitez wanted to get some communication out to the Newcastle fans – who he called?

rafa Benitez and fans

Rafa Benitez – bringing everything Newcastle together

It was who most people would expect would get the news first – the local paper – the Chronicle (with the Journal and Sunday Sun) and the journalists at the local paper were only too pleased to put the news out.

Not only did they put the Q&A out – which contained really good information for the fans – but they then revealed it was Rafa himself who contacted them, because there was not much news going out about what was going on behind the scenes at the club.

We had noticed that too.


So Rafa seems to have done the natural thing and called the local Newcastle paper when he wants news put out.

We can only assume that either Rafa brought up that preferred media nonsense during his long discussion and negotiations with Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley and told them the local paper in Newcastle should be the one he interfaces with.

It was either that or Rafa simply did what most managers would do and interfaced with the local  paper in Newcastle.

Rafa has made a point of saying he wants to being everything Newcastle brought together around the Newcastle United Football Club.

It just seems obvious the local paper would be part of that.

It is more evidence – be it on a smaller scale –  that Rafa Benitez is transforming Newcastle into a proper football club and also shows the power Rafa has to act as  a normal football manager.

We love it.

Comments welcome.

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