Here’s A Hint That Moussa Sissoko May Not Be Good Enough

Former Newcastle left-back Olivier Bernard thinks that Moussa Sissoko isn’t quite ready to move to a Champions League club, which seems to have been Sissoko’s obsession ever since he moved to Newcastle from Toulouse in January of 2013.

Olivier doubts that a top club would come in for him and if they did Moussa would at best be a squad player at the club – which is not what the 39 times French International.

moussa sissoko in france colors

Moussa Sissoko wants move the Champions League club
So what’s new?

Not only does Moussa want to play for a Champions League team but he also wants to stay in the Premier League.

This is some of what Bernard said about that in the Chronicle:

“Unfortunately, Sissoko was just not good enough in my opinion to think about going to a top-four team,”

“Possibly he could be a squad player at the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool, but he isn’t going to start every week; is that something he’d really want?”

“I still think Sissoko is a good player, but I don’t think he has had the sort of season from which he could claim that he deserves a move to a Champions League team.”

“He’s had a decent season with Newcastle, but he did not perform anywhere near the level we know he is a capable of.”

“Personally, I believe staying at St James’ Park would be the best option for Sissoko right now.”

“I don’t think he will get a Champions League move this year, so it’s best for him to concentrate on improving his consistency at Newcastle.”

“If you look at what the club are building, I think Sissoko could really thrive under Rafa Benitez and the Frenchman can be the very heartbeat of that side.”

“Benitez gave Sissoko extra responsibilities towards the end of last season and that really helped to get something close to the best out of the midfielder.”

“Clearly, Benitez knows how to manage and motivate Sissoko.”

Sometimes footballers seem to live in a fantasy world and cannot see what’s happening when it’s right in front of their noses.

Rafa made Moussa a better player in those final few games of the season and if only he would stay at Newcastle and allow Rafa to do his thing – it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Newcastle could become a Champions League club in a couple of years time.

That’s certainly what Rafa Benitez wants.

But Moussa doesn’t see that and if he does move to a bigger club he could end up like his two French team mates before him – Yohan Cabaye and Mathieu Debuchy – who ended up warming the bench at PSG and Arsenal respectively.

Sissoko may get a chance to prove he is good enough tonight when France take on Switzerland, having already qualified for the knock-out rounds with two wins;  Moussa could even start the game.

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