Rafa – We Have Three Or Four Signings Ready To Close

There was some good news today from Rafa Benitez and while he says it’s been difficult with the Euros going on to get players through the door,  Newcastle are close to signing three or four players.

With the pre-season training starting next Tuesday, then if we close say four deals for players coming in over the next week or so that would be very good.

Bringing in some good players could also help to persuade those few players wanting to leave the club to stay for a season down  below.

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Rafa Benitez – we have three or four signings close

But it also could be the deals have to wait until after the Euros close on July 10th, or at least as they get closer to the end.

Rafa was asked on BBC Radio Newcastle if it was too early to make signings:

“For me, as a manager it’s too late, but the reality is that it’s too early.”

“Why? Because I would like to have the squad ready and say ‘this is the team’ and start working with them on July 1st.”

“But it’s impossible now with agents and the Euros. A lot of people go and they don’t work.”

“It’s surprising. You try to work when the transfer window is open and some Technical Directors are away. You cannot find them and do deals.”

“But we have three or four things ready. It’s just we have to start with the first one and then two or three.”

“We are working very hard. It’s not easy, because the market is so high. But we are fine. We have three or four things ready.”

“When I say ready, it’s really, really nearly there, but we are waiting for someone who is working at another club and he needs to come back and sign the documents.”

This also explains why Rafa was so positive a couple of weeks ago on the signing front, but it seems actually closing the deals has been interrupted by the Euros and people being on holiday and unavailable for whatever reasons.

But it’s really good news we could get four players in and it will be very interesting to see who those players are.

Benitez has talked about wanting some experienced players brought in to supplement the squad.

Who do you think the four players could be?

Comments welcome.