Shearer Slams Pathetic And Inept England After Shocking Loss

It must be a Championship going on again as the England players just don’t seem to have the mental toughness to play anywhere near their best form when it really matters.

And another big embarrassment in Nice tonight as Iceland won the game 2-1 after being behind early to a Wayne Rooney penalty after 4 minutes – but they were 2-1 up after 18 minutes and another bad mistake by goalkeeper Joe Hart – his second of the tournament.

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Alan Shearer – England were pathetic

Iceland is a small country with a population of 323,00 compared to England’s 51,000,000 – but was it really such a big shock – Iceland were the better side tonight and they did excellent in their qualifying games over the last  two years and were in the same group as the Netherlands – who failed to qualify.

England haven’t done much in a tournament for the last 50 years since we won the World Cup in 1966 – we haven’t won a knockout game for 10 years.

We reached the semi-finals of the World Cup under Bobby Robson in 1990 and the semi-final of the European Championship in 1996 under Terry Venables.

We lost on penalties in both games after extra time to – yes – Germany – it was actually West Germany in 1990.

It’s not good – so it’s just a good job we have a good Newcastle team at the moment – even though we have just been relegated.

There’s a light at the end of what is a long tunnel if you are both an England fan and a Newcastle fan.


Alan was worried enough at half time.