Center-Back Over The Moon About Rafa Staying

Although he may still be a little young and inexperienced to become the Newcastle captain for next season, Jamaal Lascelles is already a firm fan favorite on Tyneside.

One reason for that is the way he confronted the more senior players during half time of our latest humiliation at Southampton on Saturday, April 9th.

He told them they needed to show more heart and spirit if they wanted to play for a club like Newcastle.

Good for him!


Jamaal Lascelles in action last season

In fact it was so bad that on the Newcastle web-site that game has gone missing – completely – it’s not in our list of results for last season – that’s how bad it was.

Maybe we should also erase the 6-1 hammering at Manchester City and the 5-1 disgrace at Chelsea or  just obliterate the whole of last season – well apart from when Rafa came in.


Jamaal has been interviewed on nufcTV today and he confesses he was over the moon when Benitez agreed to stay with Newcastle for the next three years on May 25th:

“I was over the moon about Benitez, honestly.” “It was such a breath of fresh air that he was staying, I think that was the same for everyone as well, especially the fans and also the staff.”

“What he did towards the end of the season was unbelievable, it’s just a shame we couldn’t do it properly.”

“But I’m really pleased that he’s here and this time we’ve got a full season with him so who knows what we can do?

It’s because of Benitez and Benitez alone that Newcastle fans are so upbeat after we were relegated last season.

We were just a disgrace and deserved to be relegated, but Rafa is now the Newcastle manager.

Isn’t life great!


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