Great News – Sissoko Further Increases His Transfer Value

Moussa Sissoko was again the star man for France in the Euro 2016 final tonight in Paris, which saw Portugal surprisingly win 1-0 in extra time in what was an astonishing and classic smash and grab raid.

Moussa was the best player on the field along with brilliant Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patrício – and the Frenchman must have added around £10M to his transfer price.

So if Rafa decides to sell him this summer the manager may have more transfer funds than he even needs.

Well Rafa can keep some for January?

moussa sissoko paul pogba

Paul Pogba not happy with Moussa Sissoko tonight
Paul will go for £100M and Moussa for £50M this summer?

If Paul Pogba is worth £100M then what is Moussa worth given his last four performances for France?

Rafa will hold out for big money for the big Frenchman and for Gini Wijnaldum too – and only sell them for ridiculous prices.

As the Newcastle manager has already made clear – the two “stars” helped us get relegated by not turning up in too many games and therefore should help get us back to the Premier League.

That’s rather than taking a hike just as quickly as they can – so to speak.


Well that’s unless it’s within Newcastle’s best interests to sell them if we can get some huge offers coming in this summer, but it will be on Newcastle’s terms and certainly not theirs.

Maybe PSG or Manchester City – who often pay daft prices for their players – will become interested?

Very pleased that Moussa can potentially bring in many more millions to Newcastle’s coffers this summer by turning up and playing at his best for France tonight.