Sissoko – £35M Fee Changes Nothing – I Want Early Move

Newcastle midfielder Moussa Sissoko has been interviewed in French daily L’Equipe today and he says he is not worried by Newcastle putting a massive £35M fee on his head yesterday.

He probably thinks he’s worth that.

In fact he hopes that  clubs will come in for him as early as possible this summer as he still seems determined to leave Newcastle.

And we don’t think much would change if Newcastle were still a Premier league club and hadn’t been relegated in May.

moussa sissoko nani final euros

Moussa Sissoko in action in Euro final with Nani

This is what he has said in L’Equipe today:

“Newcastle would ask for £35M? It could be 20 — for me it changes nothing,” “The interested clubs will know how to find common ground.”

“I hope that it will be as early as possible.”

There are a number of big clubs now said to be interested in signing Moussa and they include PSG and Manchester United as well as other clubs pondering a move for him.

Bundesliga club Hamburg said they held talks with Sissoko’s representatives before the European Championship, but it’s not clear if they bothered to tell Newcastle manager Rafa about that.

Hamburg CEO Dietmar Beiersdorfer has said this in German publication Bild today:

 “They were interested.”  They said they wanted to wait and see what happens at the Euro.”

But hey – they are not a big enough club for Moussa – they don’t even play in the Champions League every season – so they have no chance.

West Brom are interested but they are nowhere near big enough for this French player who sees this as his  opportunity to finally join a really massive club, even if it means he could be warming the bench next season.

That happened to two other top French Internationals who left Newcastle – Yohan Cabaye to PSG and Mathieu Debuchy to Arsenal.

Premier League Champions Leicester City are also interested and Moussa would definitely like to stay in England.

The 26 year-old would want to join one of England’s biggest and most successful clubs – Arsenal or Manchester United may fit the bill.

Previously Arsenal were his dream team but with Jose Mourinho and Manchester United now said to be interested in Moussa if they cannot get Paul Pogba – Moussa’s dreams could change.


It could even get nasty, with Rafa Benitez not wanting to lose Moussa and Newcastle fans furious that he gave 100% all out effort in the Euros for France yet went missing in the Premier League for Newcastle last season.

But it is simple really – if a club comes in with a £35M bid then Newcastle will accept it – but nothing less.

Rafa will already know who he wants to come in should Moussa leave the club and he could even try to negotiate a cash plus player exchange deal, if a club does meet Newcastle’s valuation.

What do you think?

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