Sissoko’s Emotional Tweet Translated – Thanks Newcastle Fans

This long and emotional tweet from Moussa Sissoko’s Instagram account has doing the rounds on the Internet over the last day – but unless you know French it doesn’t mean much!

We have translated the message so Newcastle fans in particular can read what Moussa had to say after finishing the Euros with France being the better side, but losing 1-0 in extra time to Portugal in Paris last Sunday night..

There’s no doubt Moussa gave two fantastic displays for France in both the semi-final and final which has helped raised his transfer fee to something north of £35M – if he is to leave Newcastle this summer.

Here is a translation of that emotional message from Moussa, in which he takes time out to thank the Newcastle club and their extraordinary fans:

To all of you, The Euro ended yesterday evening, not as we hoped, not as you all expected.

We felt your incredible support and I take the time to thank you all. I want to thank the Aulnaysiennes Aulnaysiens and for their continued support.

Aulnay-sous-Bois, in my story is the starting point, this is where it all started, and I will never forget! My attachment and gratitude for MA are eternal.

I forget not your faces, you are in my heart all. To my mother, my father, my sisters, my nephew.  They are my first circle, my protection, my happiness, my pride, my circle of love.

Their indestructible support makes me happy and serene. I love you all. To my son I love him without limit, Kais – he is the source of my strength, my motivation, my energy.

Affection, kindness and love are my life engines. One day he will be a man. Today and tomorrow, he will be my baby.

To my teachers, my coaches, Aulnay-sous-Bois, the Red Star through Toulouse and Newcastle.

You taught me football, respect, discipline and love the game. I have a thought for you all.

To my agent, my confidant, my uncle, Bakari. Always there for me since the beginning – his energy and good will fill me.

Thank you to him and his partner Seran Diabaté to be at my side.

At my Newcastle club that allowed me to progress and discover the English league.

And its extraordinary fans who have always supported me. I say thank you to all.

Finally, the French and the French who helped us achieve this great run. These faces and smiles will be forever etched in my memory. Your posts also hit me.

You may be forever thanked, these are the streams that tomorrow will be the river of our victories.

The word thank you is too small for you pass because you have provided us happiness and emotion.

Thank you all!

We did not win the title. But I hope that our team has earned your trust and your hearts.

For us it is also one of the greatest victories of this Euro2016!

Moussa Sissoko.

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