Sissoko In Another Crazy Interview – Gives Himself 10 Out Of 10

Sissoko has given a very long interview in France Football today and he talks about a lot of different things, but mainly about himself – as per usual.

He is asked about different French players and the manager Didier Deschamps and he gives his opinion on them, but it’s when he talks about his immediate future where we think he is completely out of line.

moussa sissoko france

Moussa Sissoko – another crazy interview – it’s all about him

He makes it very clear he thinks he’s simply too good for Newcastle and wants to play with top players at some big club.

He seems to just get carried away with himself  and basically his complete disregard for the club he currently plays for is disrespectful.

And these comments will further alienate him from Newcastle fans and will be a test of any manager’s patience.

This is some what he has said in France Football:

“My priority is to stay in England even if I’m not against going to search for a new challenge elsewhere.”

“I particularly want to play with big players and in top-level matches.”

“I would give myself 10 out of 10 in the Euros.” “I don’t feel that I’m superior to others, but from the moment where I’ve given everything, I’m not going to attribute myself another mark.”

“I have nothing to reproach myself for in this competition.”

Rafa Benitez will not be too pleased with the things Moussa Sissoko has said  and the player, who is his own biggest fan, should remember he is still contracted to Newcastle for the next three years.

We expect him to be back at Newcastle on Monday – but we are really fed up with him making these infantile boastful comments about himself.

Comments welcome.

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