Bentetz Talks About What Went Wrong At Doncaster

Rafa Benitez will not have liked what he saw in the first half tonight, when after 19 minutes and then 45 minutes Newcastle gifted Doncaster Rovers two  goals and we just have to cut out these defensive mistakes.

In fact in the first half we looked like we have for the last several seasons, when our defense has been really suspect.

After 19 minutes new signing Matz Sels made an embarrassing error when he failed to control the ball and ended up giving away a penalty that was easily converted.

Rafael Benitez

Rafa Benitez on the sidelines tonight

And then after 45 minutes Doncaster scored from  a corner when our players stood like statues as the corner was headed back across goal and Williams scored his second goal by heading in unmarked at the far post.

At half time we wondered how we could still look so fragile – it was that poor – but it was a huge improvement in the second half.

And the manager has talked about the two massive mistakes we made which could have lost a game we were thinking we could win easily – at least before the game started.

This is what Rafa said after the game:

“Normally you say you have two halves, and in this game it was very clear,” “In the first half we didn’t play at the level I was expecting, and we made two mistakes and conceded two goals.”

“That gave them some hope that they could get a result. In the second half, we started playing like we wanted to play, passing the ball a little bit better and running behind defenders.”

“It was a big difference. We had a lot of chances and their keeper was making some great saves.”

“It was a massive mistake for both goals, but the good thing is that we can analyse these things now and try to find the reason why, and then find the solutions.”

The bottom line is that in the first half tonight we looked no better in defense than we have looked for the last few seasons.

That was alarming.

We need more physicality in defense so it’s good that Grant Hanley should be signing on for us tomorrow – but we could still could do with another good strong defender coming in.

Comments welcome.

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  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:14 PM

    Comment #1

    sisko can go for me and i don’t see much of a loss tbh
    gini i think does have alot of talent but he doesn’t wanna be here so difficult and its only gonna get worse and probably nastier by the end of the window
    but if we replace them with hungrier players who are honoured to play for us of the same calibre as ritchie i can’t see a problem
    especially as we are a grade below now

  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:17 PM

    Comment #2

    sisko got rave reviews for france but tbh wat did he actually do?
    fusk all really just liven up another dull game with a run that ended in nothing
    the story of his career! to make a 20+ mill profit on him is unbelievable

  • Our Toon

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:22 PM

    Comment #3


    It’s a pipe dream to think we will get players like that, let’s see how Ritchie settles first. As for sissoko yes he hasn’t done well here but he brings pace know the counter and can carry the ball commuting more than 1 player which creates space for others. We have a team with no pace at all at present

    That’s where we differ as well and you see what you want to see as you have nothing but hatred for him… most fans. He created space made runs which meant others were free, set up payet who hot the crossbar not sissoko’s fault he missed after he beat 4 players and put it on a plate for him. Ultimately it’s goals and assists that we need but we also need players that can carry the ball

  • Our Toon

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:25 PM

    Comment #4

    When he goes then it’s only good if we get a couple of pacey players but I look at our team and it is devoid of any pace

  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:34 PM

    Comment #5

    it’s not a pipe dream ourtoon we have just bought ritchie and gayle from the prem who are hungry to play for us plus a player from athletico again who wants a challenge
    perez can carry a ball so can ritchie and aarons plus hopefully a huge ammount for both gini and sisko and replace them with attackers

    we probably will always disagree with sisko but lets wait and see wat he does next to then as i see him failing massively
    ritchie was part of about 30 goals in his last season in the championship in assists and goals let alone the ones that were wasted
    i can see a good season coming tbh and some new heroes lol

  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:47 PM

    Comment #6

    32 to be exact lol
    even last season he was involved in more than sisko and townsend if he started the season with us in the same form would have eclipsed sisko by christmas
    in other words there’s plenty of players out there that will contribute far more than sisko for far less money and thats including pace

  • Our Toon

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Comment #7


    Ritchie played in an attacking team, these players are very good for the championship hopefully but in the prem they’ve hardly succeeded. I do like Ritchie though just don’t think he can carry the ball more than 15 yards nevermind from one box to the other. Perez isn’t quick, he has quick feet but doesn’t look up to pass often enough, hopefully that’ll come with age. Gayle nice to see a lad make it especially considering where he came from… he really going to rip up the premier league if we go up? Nope I don’t think he will, he will work hard though.

    Aaron’s well he needs to be on the pitch to make a difference, no good playing 2 games and then being out for a month. Has pace can beat a man and carry the ball no doubt about that, went backwards last season though in terms of growth.

    As for Perez he played 4 games last season, he’s come here for a final paycheck mate much like players do when they go to China etc, yes he has quality, he’s not pacey though but has a very good long throw but more importantly qualities in terms of on the ball and experience.

    Before we got Thauvin and cabella I’d say 90% of this blog were bigging them up as class players.

    We have a habit of building up those that that haven’t kicked a ball for us and lambast those that have,….shelvey another example!! Anyway I’m off to bed. Can’t wait for the season to start though

  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Comment #8

    if joe allen and ibe are worth 28 mill then gini is worth 35 at least no joke
    and thats wat liverpool should be told

  • Our Toon

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:58 PM

    Comment #9


    I’ll repeat Ritchie played for an attacking team under a manager who didn’t sit deep and counter, add to that he never played on LB, RB or holding midfielder in any of those games.

    Name me 1 player in a toon shirt apart from townsend that did well or really well last season? Even ayoze went backwards

  • Our Toon

    Jul 20, 2016 at 11:59 PM

    Comment #10

    Good night Manx and bring on Fulham, it’s either going to be a reality check or a perfect start to get us up!! Tough first game

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 12:04 AM

    Comment #11

    ourtoon i think we all have our concerns but for a championship squad and also a squad of players that want to be here to play we are building a very decent one
    jesus could have gone to a prem team easily but rafa has obviously got his pull and so has this club
    i still think we will have a few surprises in who joins us i’d rather be coached under benitez than hughes or pulis put it that way lol goodnight

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 12:08 AM

    Comment #12

    sisko played 90% of games wide of a front 4 and was totally shite in the middle “his prefered position” so ritchie will be a massive upgrade for me lol full stop

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 12:13 AM

    Comment #13

    elliott for me was great so was mbemba in his debut season (a few errors) but overall good start
    we had so many injuries tho its hard to base anything on that season we hardly played the same team 2 times in a row let alone playing players out of position

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 12:17 AM

    Comment #14

    oh and dummet he settled the team amazingly when he came in

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 1:08 AM

    Comment #15

    heres the goals of the game

  • manxpie

    Jul 21, 2016 at 1:09 AM

    Comment #16

    or not maybe this one then

  • jimmysmith

    Jul 21, 2016 at 2:46 AM

    Comment #17

    I also think we might find it tougher than many imagine, should we sell Sissoko and Widjnaldum. Those two, plus Townsend, were very good, and if you add Mbemba, Janmaat, Tiote, Krul, Mitrovic, Shelvey, Colback and Perez you would have the nucleus of a more than capable epl group. Without them you have potentially a promotion winning side, and a couple more players of the calibre of Ritchie, Gayle, Hanley and Hayden aren’t going to make much difference to a team that really can not afford anything but an immediate return to the top flight.

  • NUFCPaul

    Jul 21, 2016 at 4:49 AM

    Comment #18

    Who the eff is Ben Tetz? Is he related to Bill Moobs or Barry Norks?

  • Ian Toon

    Jul 21, 2016 at 5:42 AM

    Comment #19

    Guardian sport
    Wednesday 20 July 2016 09.00 BST Last modified on Wednesday 20 July 2016 09.03 BST

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    “I was watching the Euro 2016 final and, just like everyone else, I marvelled at Moussa Sissoko’s impressive marauding play,” begins Tom Swain. “I’m not the first one to observe how little in common France’s Moussa Sissoko has with Newcastle United’s Moussa Sissoko, but herein lies my question: has a player who has been relegated at club level ever played in an international tournament final?”

  • Ian Toon

    Jul 21, 2016 at 5:48 AM

    Comment #20

    Maybe another pub quiz question. Sissoko’s early displays for the toon were frequently compared with Ya ya Toure’s style of play.

  • Ian Toon

    Jul 21, 2016 at 6:06 AM

    Comment #21

    Guardian Knowledge :
    Scotland have quite the reputation for calling up players who have never been to the country before, with George Boyd being one reasonably recent player to have not set foot in the country before representing them, and Matt Ritchie another: “I’ve still got relatives in Scotland but my aunties and uncles always seem to come down here to see my nan and granddad so I haven’t actually been to Scotland,”

  • Ian Toon

    Jul 21, 2016 at 6:16 AM

    Comment #22

    Didnt see the game but it appears that the defensive weaknesses of last season were all too evident in the first half.
    Pleased Adam Armstrong had a good run and did well.
    We are clearly not finished in the transfer market but we are in a position of strength.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Jul 21, 2016 at 6:36 AM

    Comment #23

    Hopefully RAFA learned a lot more about his players/team than he did against Bohemians.

    And what the team will be like without Gini and Sissoko.

    promotion – It ain’t going to be plain sailing all the way

    Personally I think they will be a big miss even if they did not play at their best last season. Both players had a touch of class when on their game and hopefully we can fill their void with the new players or it could be struggle what ever the odds the bookies make us.

    Shelvey – bloody enigma – Brilliant against West Ham – poor ever since.
    needs his heed sorting out

  • expatmag

    Jul 21, 2016 at 7:04 AM

    Comment #24


    The first goal was a woeful effort by the new keeper who may I say, failed to impress me.

    The second goal was shocking defending from a corner which I am sure Rafa will sort out on the training field.

  • expatmag

    Jul 21, 2016 at 7:07 AM

    Comment #25


    The championship hs getting harder and harder to get out of with each passing year.

    Even if ee kept these players, we have a history of under performance against lesser teams and there are some very good sides in this league who will up their performances against us.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Jul 21, 2016 at 7:14 AM

    Comment #26

    I think to many TOON supporters think it is going to be a doddle getting promotion.
    Me I think it will be tough – If not top two we will be in the dreaded play-offs


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