Rafa Benitez Makes Enquiry About Striker

The Mail is reporting that Newcastle United have enquired about Manchester United striker James Wilson, who would appear to be going to Fulham for a season long loan this season, after spending last season at Brighton where he scored 5 goals in 25 appearances for Chris Hughton’s club.

james wilson

James Wilson – available on loan

Wilson will only be allowed to leave Manchester United on loan this season and we wonder if Rafa would be interested in taking him on loan.

It would mean giving playing time to Wilson when some of our permanent strikers like Mitrovic, Gayle, Perez and maybe Adam Armstrong would not get that playing time.

And why have Rafa make Wilson into a better striker if he is simply to return to play for Manchester United?

If Newcastle have enquired then it may have been for a permanent deal, since we cannot see Rafa wanting to bring any players in on loan for this coming season, unless it’s with an option to buy.

And that will not be the case apparently with James Wilson, who did not make the squad that has just left for China.

James has been overtaken by 18 year-old Marcus Rashford and the Red Devils have also just signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan – so the 20 year-old striker has gone down the pecking order at Old Trafford.

Not sure if the Red Devils would be willing to sell James?

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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  • JDdubai

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:04 PM

    Comment #1

    Dont see the point.

    Only looking at that return from last season in an attacking brighton team would question what he would bring to the options we already have.

    And more importantly why bring in and develop another team’s young CF when we have one of our own needing the same thing. If we bring in a CF to replace Cisse then it should be someone proven to score, Arma can be our one for the future.

  • JDdubai

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:05 PM

    Comment #2

    Having said that Iv never seen him play so no idea how good he is/can be…

  • Pigott93

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:07 PM

    Comment #3

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  • G

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:09 PM

    Comment #4

    He doesn’t look a bad player, he’s no prolific goalscorer, but if you want a man who reads the game well and makes a lot of space in the box, then we could do a lot worse than him. If we play a formation with a lone frontman, then this is not the player we need. If we play 2 up top, or 1 up front, 1 in the hole, then he could be a very shrewd signing.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #5

    According to Sky Sources, a £5.5m deal has now been struck and the player is already on his way to the North East for a medical.

  • Hail Wor Ashley

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #6

    No thanks, Armstrong better.

  • manxpie

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #7

    Huth is slow but was probably 1 of the main catalysts for them winning the league
    as long as he can head, read the game is strong and command his defence I don’t think it matters if he’s lacking in a bit of pace
    one of the best defenders we’ve had in recent times was very slow in woodgate

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:13 PM

    Comment #8

    whoops Hanley on his way north…According to Sky Sources, a £5.5m deal has now been struck and the player is already on his way to the North East for a medical.

    Read more at http://www.squawka.com/news/newcastle-on-verge-of-5-5m-grant-hanley-deal-as-blackburn-defender-travels-for-medical-report/728781#Kd9cOIo6O36WhiIy.99

  • expatmag

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:14 PM

    Comment #9



  • Lee Charnley Bunga Party

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:17 PM

    Comment #10

    If you look at Leicester last season that was a championship defence on paper but with proper coaching and confidence they played as a unit similar to a 90s Italian defence!

    You could already see the difference with our defence by the end of the season under Rafa so I think with Hanley being added we will be a tough team to break down

    Just now need to get some more pace and attackers in and we will be sorted

  • Toon-Prodigy

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:18 PM

    Comment #11

    This lad Wilson looks a canny player. Someone will lose game time though if he did come in aye. He is one for the future though, played right through the England set-up apart from the senior team I think.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:22 PM

    Comment #12

    Gonna be interesting to what RAFA’s starting eleven will be against Fulham – taking Sissoko, Janmaat and Windjammer out the picture

  • Shadow_Shearer

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:26 PM

    Comment #14

    Let’s hope Hanley is better than we think. We do have lascelle, mbemba & hayden can cover cb aswel I believe. We still need another defender.

    I don’t fancy Hanley much, but looks like I’m gonna have to go with this one as the deal looks to be going ahead.

  • stuart no9

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:28 PM

    Comment #15

    i personally think its a non starter. 5 goals in 25 games is not exactly mind blowing .
    Giving him play time ahead of what we have dosnt make sence. Do we need him ? no , in my opinion . not one of raffas better moves . If it is true ofcourse????…..

  • Spoof

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:36 PM

    Comment #16


    Huth is slow as you say and many good CB’s are slow but where Huth manages to get away with it is due to the Leicester counter attack system where the defence sit quite low, Rafa has always preferred to play a high back line which can be dangerous without pace at the back as you can quite easily get caught out with the ball over the top, it happened to Colo many times, it was noticeable last season that our defence improved greatly as a unit when we could play a high line due to both Lascellas and Mbemba being quite quick, at the same time you do need power and strength as well and without Lascellas we would struggle as Mbemba isn’t a powerhouse type of CB, Rafa may well change his tactics slightly when Hanley is playing to counter his lack of pace.

  • Hail Wor Ashley

    Jul 20, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    Comment #17

    I’ll go with majority of Blackburn fans that voted him player of the season rather than a few with sour grapes. Then there’s a manager that made him captain at 23, the fact he’s very keen to come here, the fact he will be coached by Rafa.

    Every defender has a mistake in them so that’s really a moot point. When it gets to Bramble levels of gaffes, week in week out, that’s when you can level that criticism at a defender.

    Think it’s good for everybody. His chance to improve and get to the PL, ours to take an accomplished CB at this level and make him into a PL CB for a fair fee.

    Think of him as clean slate Steven Taylor replacement, with a better head on his shoulders, his career ahead of him, an established international, a better injury record and a world-class coach to bring him on a level or two.


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