Newcastle’s Achilles Heel Unchanged From Last Four Seasons

Watching that first half performance last night from Newcastle at Doncaster was like “deja vu – all over again”  to quote a yogism from the former great Yankees catcher Yogi Berra.

It was like watching the last four years of Newcastle when the opposing team could score at any time and sometimes we simply would gift the opposition a goal.

The first goal after 19 minutes was exactly that – a gift – and an embarrassment for new goalkeeper Matz Sels.

Matz-Sels mistake doncaster

Matz Sels gave away a penalty last night

If Matz wants to be the number one goalkeeper at Newcastle he cannot make too many mistakes like that when he miscontrolled the ball and  gave a penalty away when he brought down one of the Doncaster players as he tried to retrieve the ball.

We’re sure that’s exactly what Rafa will be telling him – and he already knows that.

But we also have to remember the lad is only just settling into the team and the country – so we cannot be too harsh on him.

But the second goal was all too reminiscent of the Newcastle defense that conceded 255 goals in the last four Premier league seasons.

That’s an average of over 63 goals a season and simply terrible.

After 45 minutes following a corner no Newcastle player seemed to move at all, as the ball was headed back across the goal form the corner for Andy Williams (Moon River?) to head in unchallenged.

We’re sure Rafa will be playing that video a few times before Saturday’s game in Belgium against KSC Lokeren and instructing the defenders what they should have been doing.

One thing Newcastle must do if we are to get instant promotion back to the Premier League next May is to tighten up an awful lot in defense.

Maybe Rafa still has to bring in another defender once Grant Hanley (hopefully) signs on the dotted line today.

We need at least a left-back and maybe another tall strong central defender brought in?

We cannot give goals away like we did last night if we are to have a successful season in the Championship.

Comments welcome.

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